Month: November 2020

Cypherpunk Holdings adds 72.979 BTC to its reserves

Canadian investment firm Cypherpunk Holdings recently increased its stake in the leading crypto by market cap to become the 9th largest holder of the asset Cypherpunk Holdings invests in blockchain technologies and cryptocurrencies with a strong focus on those that are privacy-oriented. It has previously invested in many other privacy-oriented ventures, such as Samourai Wallet …

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Coinbase suffers another outage

The Coinbase trading platforms experienced another outage yesterday as the volatility in the cryptocurrency market heightens The US-based cryptocurrency exchange Coinbase suffered another outage a few hours ago. The power outage affected its website and mobile apps as the cryptocurrency exchange battles this reoccurring problem over the past few weeks. Coinbase seems to be suffering …

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What is Overbit?

Overbit is a cryptocurrency exchange that offers cross-market trading for crypto, forex and commodity training. Offering leverage of 100x for crypto and 500x for Forex, Overbit has established itself as a reputed exchange with strong community engagement. CEO, Cheih Liu, founded Overbit in 2017 and launched the exchange two years later in 2019. Liu spotted …

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