AI Trader Aims to Disrupt Crypto Trading with First-of-Its-Kind OCO Trading Mode

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Cryptocurrency trading is steadily becoming a highly used investment option. Yet for miners and traders who are hodling, how can they maximise on the return of their coins with the least possible risk? For some, the use of an intelligent system that trades on a user’s behalf, which is simple to use and delivers un matched results, may be what’s needed.

This is something that Dubai-based AI Trader is aiming to provide, which supports the world’s largest crypto exchange, Binance, for cryptocurrency trading.

According to its website, the platform is a ‘Next Generation Intelligent Autonomous Trading Program,  that uses deep learning and machine learning algorithms to autonomously trade cryptocurrencies.’ Now, though, it’s going one step further with the announcement of its ‘game-changing OCO (One-Can cels-the-Other) Trading Mode,’ making it the first-of-its-kind trading platform.

OCO trading is when a stop order and a limit order have been combined on an automated trading plat form. When either the take profit or stop loss order is reached and the order has been performed, then the other order is automatically cancelled.

How can miners and traders maximise their returns? To find the answer to this question, the team at AI Trader connected expert traders from financial firms, such as Morgan Stanley and Deutsche Bank, and specialists from the fields of machine learning and artificial intelligence. The result saw the development of the AI Trader ecosystem, which was launched by Kingdom Mining, the Middle East’s biggest GPU crypto mining operation.

According to the AI Trader website, the platform is ‘simple to use’ with an application that trades on a per son’s behalf. Moving aside traditional trading bots, AI Trader is providing an ecosystem that has been developed from deep learning and machine learning algorithms. As a result, it is removing the pitfalls that traders face with their profits through the aid of AI.

“We have had [an] overwhelming response from the community and we are accepting new subscriptions until the 20th July, 2018, after which only those with a valid referral link will be on-boarded,” the team said.

With an ecosystem that has been created on simplicity and transparency, the platform is aiming to disrupt all paradigms of trading. It wants to achieve this by offering Crypto Trading and Leverage Trading to its subscribers.

Crypto Trading

The AI Trader website states that the platform ‘has been programmed to recognise market conditions optimal for trading in order to realise gains from the market.’ This is achieved through two modes that users can trade in: AI Trading and OCO Trading.

In AI Trading mode, users pick a strategy and the AI starts trading autonomously, seeking optimal trading results. With its in-built equity management protocols the AI can recover any losses by entering trades back with deep learning and with a higher amount, similar to how a human trader would. Additionally, users can see how the AI performed over a 30-day period.

The OCO Trading Mode is a new feature to AI Trader and sets it apart from other exchange platforms. The option with other services is to only place a stop loss order or a take profit one. However, with AI Trader it offers users the unique opportunity to trade on all pairs with the option of placing a stop loss and a take profit at the same time. Through deep learning AI studies the current market patterns using several indicators to determine trends and emerging patterns that helps to provide users with a real-time buy signal, according to the website.

Platform overview

Leverage Trading

Through the Bitmex platform AI Trader is able to offer Leverage Trading to users. As a result, the exchange offers margin trading with the highest leverage on the market. According to its website, Leverage Trading ‘was built for those who believe the only strategy guaranteed to fail is the one that entails no risks.’

AI Trader recommends a user sets their leverage at 20x and lets the AI autonomously trade on a user’s behalf. In-built deep learning tools enable these decisions to be made on the basis of all the big data the system has collected for the AI to trade in real-time.

For those wishing to join AI Trader the platform offers three different pricing options starting from $150, with Litecoin, Bitcoin Cash, credit card, and PayPal payments permitted. The platform is also offering a referral program. Those who bring in new customers will receive a 10 percent lifetime commission of the referred customer; the customer will also receive a 10 percent lifetime discount when registering using the referral link.

Aimed at disrupting the way crypto trading is perform today, AI Trader wants to simplify it to a level not seen before.

Trading is subject to market risks and AI Trader in no form guarantees returns. We have also availed a 10% discount for all our audience, you can claim the same by clicking the following link: This is a limited time offer and will expire on 1/07/2018 at 24:00 GMT.

Here is an independent review by Bitcoin Trading Challenge, a Cryptocurrency Day-Trader educating other traders within this market.

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