AMFEIX – A Sleeping Giant

The Fund is an and investment platform for Bitcoin and other digital assets, with an aim to allow investors to deposit their Bitcoins in a pool of digital assets owned by the company, after which the platform distributes the profits made to all the participating members. AMFEIX offers great opportunities since cryptocurrency is still in its initial stages, hence a great return is expected once mainstream adoption takes place.

AMFEIX professionally solves the problem of Bitcoin holding by collecting all the invested funds into a pool, which when done individually would take longer times and requires a lot of experience. The funds are also managed, and constantly new coins are researched to provide investors with the best possible return on their capital.

How Does AMFEIX Manage Funds?

AMFEIX makes regular trades in a number of crypto-to-fiat and crypto-to-crypto pairings. The pairings are chosen for their projected returns from the digital assets, which exhibit high historical performance and strong potential future gains. AMFEIX analysts select pairs with a low-risk profile in order to maximize on returns while safeguarding the funds.

The pairings include Bitcoin, Ripple, Ethereum, Binance Coin, Litecoin, Cardano, and Monero. AMFEIX diversifies in other high market cap coins, which is a strategy to increase yields while experiencing lower exposure to the assets.

The platform also offers holdings in two forms: short-term holding and long-term holding. Short-term holdings are allocated to the AMFEIX Company through their trading desks. Long-term investments, however, are split evenly among the top three cryptocurrencies by market cap in the following order: Ripple 20%, ETH 22%, and BTC 58%. The top three assets represent the potential for significant upside while also ensure relative stability and hedging against significant risks.

Getting Started with AMFEIX

For you to invest in AMFEIX Fund, you are required to create a wallet from their website, On their site, you will be able to send funds from your current account to your personal wallet. After creating the wallet, it’s easy to transact, add funds, withdraw, trade, and monitor your account by clicking on the AMFEIX Fund tab. From there, you can proceed to click on the “Investment Confirmation” tab. Every progress in the account is updated within a period of 24 hours, as either a loss or profit on the fund tab.

No Fees Charged

AMFEIX does not charge any fees apart from the 20% profit since they are financially incentivized to deliver returns on the investor’s capital. Losses and profits are encountered during trading and investing, and 80% of the profit goes to the investor while the company takes 20% of it. Besides, your account balance is recalculated after every 24 hours and your capital gets continuously compounded while the profits earned keep adding until you choose to withdraw a portion or all of the accrued profits.

Importantly, AMFEIX gives you the freedom to withdraw your entire account balance at any time. In order to terminate your contract with them, your funds will be deposited into your wallet, both capital and profit, and the whole liquidation process takes around 24 hours for you to receive your BTC. To make the withdrawal, visit the AMFEIX Fund page and click on the “Withdraw” button. Once completed, enter your password to request the withdrawal. Once approved, the funds are sent into the AMFEIX wallet from where you can transfer them to a destination of your choice.

By putting investors’ funds in one pool, AMFEIX gives you the opportunity to remain accessible to your funds all the time, and that is what all investors want.

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