Announcing The Launch Of An Estonian Decentralized Blockchain-based Consulting Marketplace

G-Global Business Portal has launched a new platform to aid the modernization of enterprises within the real economy sector. A Member of Estonia’s Parliament and the Secretary-General of the Centre Party, Mikhail Korb supported the project.

“The main goal of the G-Global Business Portal is to unite experts from all over the world on the blockchain-based communication platform,” Said the Head of the project, Denis Tsyro. “Modern business needs help when entering a new level of digitalization, as well as to attract technologies and robotics to the real economy.”

Among the main tasks of the consulting marketplace are organization and reorganization of enterprises in line with the introduction of technologies and robotics, tokenization of the real economy sector and attraction of Artificial Intelligence to enterprises and factories.

The platform provides a space where it is possible to create a team for a startup and ICO.  G-Global Business Portal is the first marketplace of consulting services with a decentralized and transparent evaluation system of experts. Blockchain-based independent and technically protected scoring system which guarantees professionalism and motivation of from the expert. Blockchain allows us to get acquainted with the history of the expert’s activities, which guarantees full transparency of the platform and solves the problem of information asymmetry.

Consulting services can be paid from around the world using cryptocurrencies and the G-Global tokens. The integrated ChronoBank system developed by Sergei Sergienko (Australia) also allows the use of TIME tokens for managing human resources at enterprises.

Nobel laureates in economics Alvin Roth and Eric Maskin, as well as the world’s leading expert in the field of artificial intelligence, Professor Ben Goertzel, will act as advisors and developers of the modernization program for Estonian enterprises through the G-Global Business Portal.

After the implementation of the G-Global Business Portal platform in the test mode of operation, it will be scaled to other countries. To date, the G-Global Business Portal has an agreement on development of the project in Kazakhstan.

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