Apple Approves Steem, Lisk and Digicash for App Store; Rejects Ethereum Classic

Steem, Lisk and Digicash have officially been approved by Apple and accepted for inclusion in the iOS App Store, bringing the current number of supported cryptocurrencies by Apple to nine. Steem, Lisk and Digicash join bitcoin, dogecoin, litecoin, ether, Ripple and DAO tokens.

The approval of Steem, Lisk and Digicash comes shortly after a previous version of Jaxx, which included Dash and Ethereum Classic, was rejected by Apple.

Jaxx is a popular cryptocurrency wallet launched in June 2016 by Canadian startup Decentral.

“On Monday, we learned that Apple permits apps using nine specific digital currencies, critical information to the crypto community,” Anthony Di Iorio, CEO of Jaxx, said in a statement.

“At Jaxx, we’ve been committed to supporting a global blockchain ecosystem. […] To that end, the insight we have gleaned from Apple thus far has been invaluable and we hope to learn more about Apple’s policies and procedures for blockchain in the near future.”

Many consumers and developers building next-generation applications for mobile have welcomed the news of Apple supporting Steem and Lisk.

Lisk is a platform that allows developers to build, publish, distribute and monetize their decentralized applications, each running within their own sidechains for greater scalability and security for the overall Lisk network.

The Lisk platform was released in March following a successful initial coin offering that allowed the company to raise over 14,000 BTC, or US$6 million worth of bitcoins.

LSK, the token underpinning Lisk, is the 12th largest cryptocurrency with a market capitalization of over US$25 million.

“We are thrilled that LSK will now be accepted on Apple’s App Store,” Max Kordek, CEO of Lisk, said in a statement.

“Today’s news indicates a promising opportunity for Lisk developers looking to build for iOS. […] We look forward to providing developers with tools to build some of the most powerful and secure blockchain applications possible.”

Steem is the token powering the decentralized social media platform Steemit. Launched in beta in May, Steemit is a Reddit-like social media platform that lets users get paid for creating and curating content.

The platform quickly grew in popularity, experiencing a 1,600% growth of its user base in its first month of operation.

Steemit currently has about 80,000 registered users and its underpinning cryptocurrency Steem, is the 8th largest cryptocurrency with a market capitalization of over US$82 million.

Commenting on the news, Steemit co-founder and CEO Ned Scott said: “Steem’s inclusion on the [Apple] App Store is exciting for our ecosystem and is indicative of widespread future adoption.”

“It’s great validation for the Steemit community and all of the incredibly hard working developers who have been building third party Steem applications off our blockchain. Developers have already been creating apps for Steem in droves, and today’s acceptance to the iOS App Store gives developers access to potentially hundreds more use cases and million more users.”

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