Asterion Space Token ICO Enters Second Phase, to build New Virtual Citizenship

Asterion, the new virtual reality community where citizens will live without a central governance, has entered the second round of its ICO of the Asterion token. The first round (ATR 1) has successfully finished by selling its entire corpus of 100,000 tokens, and the ongoing ATR 2 (with 150,000 tokens) has now sold over 100,000 tokens.

Asterion Space takes virtual citizenship into a new dimension. The virtual world is a decentralized community where everyone is in control of respective issues, and interactions and transactions are powered by distributed computing and blockchain. The platform is open source, and deploys smart contracts to empower every individual in the voting process. Each token is priced at USD1, and proceeds will go towards developing the virtual world and promotions. Post ATR 2, the next round of ATR T will begin.

Asterion will enable participants to invest in a wide range of avenues, such as their profession, land areas, services, malls, banks or public services. The Asterion space will comprise users who in the near future will live in virtual communities as land owners with full control over their titles, and shielded from central organizations. Another potential activity is aiding scientific research using the Asterion computing network for carrying out massive computing.

“We are creating and realizing a new strategy for the trajectory of humankind. The Asterion Space is for everyone who wants to be part of something new, something revolutionary. Asterion World will offer unique opportunities to combine virtual entertainment with real investment and entrepreneurship. No matter your aggregated wealth, everyone has equal rights in our world,” says a spokesperson from Asterion.

The new Asterion community is open to everyone who wants to live a new way of life. To participate, users can create an Asterion account and upon approval take on official citizenship of Asterion Space. Tokens can then be bought using Bitcoin to be sent to the Asterion fund. All tokens are then transferred to the user’s Asterion wallet, or to their preferred wallet.

As Asterion citizens, participants will have voting rights, and will influence social and virtual industries around the world. The supporter package also offers VR World Citizenship, a Virtual Passport and voting rights. The Asterion team is currently working towards expanding its virtual world to create an international community, a citizen’s social network, an Avatar software, a business incubator, the Asterion World University, and an Awards ceremony for the launch of Asterion Space.

Asterion Space believes that civilization has reached a collective understanding of the value of human capital, as well as the creative power of personality in the development of a new society. This understanding will be reflected in the new, post-industrial community basis of the future.

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