B2BX from B2Broker Enters The Main Stage of Their ICO

From October 2nd to November 17th, B2Broker will be running an ICO to raise funds for the development of an innovative product – B2BX aggregator (www.b2bx.pro)

B2BX is an aggregator of crypto-currency liquidity for margin and exchange trading and distribution of liquidity to broker companies. Unlike current solutions on the market, B2BX will focus exclusively on institutional clients: crypto exchange, brokers, FOREX brokers, DMA brokers, cryptocurrency brokers, hedge funds and other professional market participants.

In 3 weeks, the company managed to raise more than 1,000,000 euro in pre-ICOre ICO. The company was impressed with the results, but expect that larger amounts will be raised in the main stage of the token sale.

B2Broker conducts ICO and attracts funds through crowdfunding to provide B2BX resources. If it is possible to raise capital, the project will be launched at a qualitatively different level. Without ICO, with current resources, two years will go only to the implementation of the first stage.

The implementation of the ICO will contribute to the development of the technical base of B2BX and significantly increase the scale of work with the cryptocurrency, the speed of developing its own software, will enable the maximum number of exchanges to be connected to the aggregator of crypto-currency liquidity, obtain a Japanese license to provide crypto-currency liquidity, and establish representative offices in the world financial centers.

All collected funds will be accumulated on a specially created separate B2Broker account.

Distribution of funds collected during the ICO, when any of the following goals are achieved:


24% – Development of the aggregator of cryptographic liquidity B2BX;

23% – Legal expenses, licenses;

15% – Development of personal cabinet;

13% – Expansion to developers;

10% – Marketing;

5% – Deposits for margin accounts with stock exchanges and liquidity providers;

5% – Opening of new offices;

5% – The platform of social trading.

About The Company

B2bX is created by B2Broker who since 2014 have helped to kick start more than 30 hi-tech broker companies from Hong Kong, Malaysia, Czech Republic, Russia, Ukraine, India, Australia and Cyprus. The company integrated specific software for online trading and set up IT infrastructure

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