BAZISTA Announces Their Pre-ICO Stage for Investors and E-Commerce Users

Bazista, an international trading platform that is well known for empowering the e-commerce industry with digital assets aimed at creating an infrastructure for the Bitcoin and blockchain community. The pre-ICO stage will take place between November 16th -21st, marking 5 days which will allow everyone to get BZS tokens with maximum benefit, becoming early investors of Bazista.

Bazista is a new international marketplace which allows investors and users to exchange goods and services in a fast, easy and reliable way using various crypto-currencies and digital assets (tokens).

Low Fees
Commissions collected by the platform for making a transaction are just 4% of the final cost of the goods. Placing goods on the Bazista platform will allow reducing costs due to low commissions or commission-free transactions by depositing BZS tokens on the account balance.

No hidden commissions
Owing to using cryptocurrencies as an instrument of exchange, the users on this platform can avoid additional expenses associated with conversion of fiat currencies on classical C2C platforms (e.g. for cross-border trading), which will allow saving 1.5-3% of the paid cost on average

Promo Advertising
Promoting ads of other users by simply placing links to products with their UTM tag will allow to earn with Bazista. Affiliate remuneration will be deposited if anyone will buy a product or a service using an affiliate link.

Bazista also offers static or dynamic cost for the goods binding the price either to the selected cryptocurrency or to the US dollar.
The project introduces Bazista token also be called Bazi which is fully ERC223 compliant. This is the initial step towards the achievement of the projects because successful funding will contribute to promoting the complex development of the platform, can introduce the loyalty improvement system and can create new income flows for development and support to the platform. It will be available for purchase with BTC and ETH. Ticker token: BZS. Exchange rate: 1 ETH = 11 000 BZS. Base token price upon the launch of the crowdsale will be set to $0.3. ETH/USD and BTC/USD exchange rate will be locked based on November 16 (Pre-ICO) and December 2017 (ICO start) market exchange rate and will be valid for the entire time of the crowd sale/pre-ICO.

The total number of generated BZS tokens is 440 000 000 and proportionately distributed for the development and realization of the project.

  • 73% of tokens (321 200 000) will be sold in the ICO to secure funds for further product development, operations and international expansion.
  • 15% of tokens (66 000 000) will be held by project founders and the rest of the team that helped to bring the project to life with their hard work and dedication.
  • 4% of tokens (17 600 000) will be reserved for advertising campaign inside the platform.
  • 3% of tokens (13 200 000) will be sold in the Pre-ICO
  • 3% of tokens (13 200 00) will be given to early-stage investors
  • 2% of tokens (8 800 000) which is intended for the bounty pool.

Bazista will offer 45% bonuses reserved for pre-ICO. Bazista tokens that won’t be sold during the pre-ICO round will be added to the larger amount offered during the main round of crowd sale.
The exchange of Bazista tokens will occur only on Ether (ETH) and Bitcoin (BTC).

For more information about Bazista, and how to participate in their ICO offering, visit

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