Bitcoin Broker Aims To Solve The Issues Faced By Cryptocurrency Investors and Traders

Investors and traders who trade cryptocurrencies and assets on exchanges often face multiple problems:


  • Most of the exchanges charge high trading fees.
  • They do not allow their customers to trade in real time, which leads to delays of orders.
  • Some may not have reliable security systems, which results in huge losses that amount to billions of dollars.
  • There are often fiat currency restrictions.


  • The payback period for ICO investments is huge
  • There’s a long period of time between investing in an ICO and being able to trade the tokens on secondary markets.

BITCOINBROKER is a universal platform for trading cryptoassets that supports high-frequency trading and aims to put an end to the problems faced by investors and traders. The main advantages offered by BITCOINBROKER are:

  • Support for several fiat currencies. Customers will be able to deposit and withdraw a wide range of fiat currencies
  • All crypto assets are insured. Investors can be confident that their assets are safe.
  • Resilient security measures that ensure the safety of customer funds.
  • 24/7 fast online support. Clients will be get the answers to their questions in the shortest possible time.

The Pre-ICO for the platform began on January 25th, 2018 and on the first day collected more than $ 500,000. This will continue until February 6th, 2018 and it is expected that the platform will be fully operational by the end of 2018.

What are the benefits of investing in BITCOINBROKER tokens?

Holders of BITCOINBROKER tokens will be able to receive monthly dividends from 30% of the exchange’s income within 5 years from the moment of its official launch. In addition, holders of the tokens will be able to sell them to other people at an increased rate. Only 50,000,000 tokens will be issued and no additional tokens will ever be released.

All the necessary information is available on the official website of BITCOINBROKER.

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