Bitcoin Foundation Hires Sergio Lerner

Following the Bitcoin Foundation’s recent announcement that they’d be returning to their roots, focusing solely on Bitcoin Core development which included the hiring of new developers, they have announced the hiring of Sergio Lerner as their new core security auditor

[blockquote]As Core Security Auditor, Sergio will be dedicated to the ongoing security review of changes to the core code. Sergio has been volunteering his time and expertise since March 2012 and over the last couple of years, he has found, reported, and helped fix several vulnerabilities in the core code. Sergio has been an independent security researcher and consultant since 2011 and will continue to work with his other clients in addition to his role at the foundation.[/blockquote]

Sergio, who now becomes the fourth full time developer has previous experience auditing Bitcoin core and in the past has reported and fixed several vulnerabilities according to Gavin Andresen, chief scientist.

In the same blog post, Andresen also gave an update regarding Bitcoin Core, announcing that the core developers are currently gearing up for the release of Bitcoin version 0.10 which will likely be released in January 2015.

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