Bitcoin Holders Could Get More Profit with IQeon’s Gaming Platform

IQeon’s decentralized gaming ecosystem is a game-changer in the modern crypto world, combining gaming with cryptocurrency. IQeon’s PvP platform provides ways to monetize in-game achievements thus giving a chance to 97% of players who were not provided with such an option before.

On January 30th 2018, IQeon launched their main token offering which closes on March 13th 2018. Currently the sale is in its fifth and final round which lasts for 2 weeks and offers investors a 5% bonus, meaning that by purchasing any amount of IQN, the ICO participants get additional 5% of the platform tokens.

Why investing in IQeon gaming platform could be profitable?

One of the main currencies to be accepted is BTC. Did you know that by investing in IQeon Bitcoin holders could earn? One of the options provided by IQeon gaming ecosystem is the opportunity to place bets. This could be betting on the results of games online or making motivational bets. For example, one platform user could challenge others, familiar or random ones. The sum put into the bet makes the prize fund that is eventually taken by the winner. The system of bet placement is based on the Smart Contracts Technology. All the betting conditions are automatically written and stored in the network and the payout is guaranteed.

IQeon is actively looking forward to making connections with game development companies and negotiating about placing their products on the platform. IQeon has 27 active partners.

Right now the IQeon management team is discussing the options of IQN enlistment on world-known Exchanges facilitating the IQN trade as soon as the ICO is closed. The team has bright expectations about the ICO because due to the active investments during the pre-ICO the startup managed to close it ahead of time. Among the biggest IQeon investors is ABA Marketing Group, the venture fund holding the assets of around $100M.

In addition to various benefits provided by the IQeon gaming platform, it’s important to mention that it’s an already working product hosting IQClash – a fully-functioning app. IQClash is an intellectual game based on various logical quizzes. IQClash could be downloaded on Google Play or App Store.

To get more details about the platform, its functionality, benefits, and perspectives, visit the official website.

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