Bitcoin still not part of China’s top 10 cryptocurrencies index

The Chain Technology Evaluation Index evaluates 37 public chains on the basis of basic technology, application and innovation

The 18th CCID Global Public Chain Technology Evaluation Index was released by the China Electronics and Information Industry Development Institute yesterday.

The index is a comprehensive list of 37 global well-known public chains ranked on the basis of their technical dimensions. According to a report by Chainnews, EOS topped the prestigious list again, with a total score of 150.6, while Bitcoin stood at 12th place with a score of 106.2.

From March to May 2020, the number of major updates in selected public chain products went down significantly.

Criteria for evaluation

The evaluation is conducted based on three major criteria — “basic technologies, applications and innovative force.”

The basic technologies section evaluates a project’s function, performance, security and the decentralization achieved by the public chain. IOST topped the basic technology criteria in the latest list, closely followed by EOS and TRON.

The applications section assesses node deployment, wallet application development support and application implementation of the public chain. Ethereum maintained its top spot in the section with TRON and Nebula Chain at 2nd and 3rd respectively.

Whereas the innovation section weighs the creative aspects of the public chains through analysing the scale of developers, code updates and code influence. Bitcoin stood at first place in the innovation category, followed by Ethereum and EOS.

The total score is then determined based on the weighted sum of the scores from all the sections.

Bitcoin showed improvement

EOS ranked as the best performing blockchain project with an overall score of 156.1. TRON stood in second place with 138. 43 points and Ethereum was a close third with 136.4 points.

Bitcoin’s present position at number 12 on the index is a scale-up from its previous ranking at 14th place. At that time, Bitcoin scored only 16.6 for applicability as compared to 21.3 in this latest list.

Interestingly, TRON has maintained a spot in the top 5 despite tense relations with Chinese authorities. TRON founder, Justin Sun, was recently warned by Chinese authorities over suspicions on the platform’s legality.

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