BitGive Announces Beta Donation Platform, GiveTrack

BitGive, the world’s inaugural Bitcoin 501(c)(3) non-profit organization, is releasing the Beta version of their cutting-edge GiveTrack platform, a system that will give users unparalleled insight into donations’ lifetimes from start to finish.

The platform will be be formally unveiled during a Tuesday evening presentation at Money2020 in Las Vegas, an innovation conference bringing together the world’s largest fintech and payment services players.

BitGive Foundation Founder and Executive Director Connie Gallippi will be demoing the GiveTrack system for the first time in public.

This project is the future of donations, explained Gallippi:

“By releasing GiveTrack, BitGive is utilizing the unique benefits these [blockchain] technologies have to offer – like unparalleled transparency and security – to enhance and revolutionize the donation process.”

“Furthermore, individuals can build more trust with charitable organizations by knowing how their funds are used to drive impact on the ground. In doing so, we hope to increase charitable giving to create a global movement towards philanthropy.”


Utilizing the transparency provided by the blockchain, GiveTrack seeks to give philanthropists—both big and small—unprecedented clarity into where, when, how, and why their donations are used.

This optimization, will be a welcomed improvement over the at-times labyrinthine and convoluted global donation channels available until now. Consider the examples of contemporary charities that spend little on tangible charity initiatives, for instance.

GiveTrack aims to root out this fraudulent dynamic from the field of philanthropy altogether, which in turn would result in charitable donors being more empowered than ever before to put their money to the best use possible.

For its first two campaigns, GiveTrack is hosting pilot fundraisers for The Water Project and Medic Mobile, two projects aimed at bettering human health across the world.

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