Bitto Exchange Launches Token ICO

NORTHAMPTON, UK –  Bitto Exchange, the “hybrid exchange platform that provides multiple revenue streams for its users”, has announced its impending ICO. The company has already sold 1,166,188 of its proprietary “Bitto” tokens, which are currently priced at $1. Bitto tokens’ total circulating supply is 19 million coins, while its overall total supply is 33 million coins, making the Bitto tokens a cryptocurrency investment with considerable growth potential.

The Bitto Exchange platform is made for “automated and profitable trading”, allowing users to trade anywhere on the go through the Bitto Exchange app; monitor their lending and trading status; check their daily amount of Bitto tokens earned by staking, and more. ICO contributors benefit from discounted trading fees, which can be as low as 0%, based on the tier’s contribution.

Another key feature of Bitto Exchange is the ability to secure a cryptocurrency-backed loan, with “members posting their collateral cryptocurrency assets into a multi-signature smart contract through the platform”, and, upon completing a number of monthly payments on their loan, they receive their cryptocurrency assets back in full.

“We aim to build the safest, fastest, and most user-friendly cryptocurrency exchange platform on the web. Our goal is to help the Bitto community make a worthwhile investment in a thriving coin that is backed by a team of experienced business and backend platform development experts” said Mr. Nic Chin, Bitto Exchange’s Co-Founder.

“It’s worth noting that, using the proof Of stake reward system, after 15 days staking on the Bitto Exchange, users can start earning Bitto coins daily. Approximately 125,000 will be paid out to Bitto coin holders on a monthly basis. What’s more, through our referral program, Bitto holders can earn up to 20% of their trading fees in passive income, while that percentage doubles for ICO participants.”

Those interested in purchasing Bitto tokens can do so through here. The company’s whitepaper can be read in this dedicated web page.


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Company Name: Bitto Exchange

Address: 400 Pavilion Dr,


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Country: UK

Email: [email protected]

Contact Person: Nic Chin


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