Blockchain Ecosystems are a Step Towards Revolution in the Crypto Market

During the boom of ICO projects in 2017-2018, the market saw prospects for the development of blockchain technologies: the developers showed the concepts and prototypes of hundreds of various technological solutions based on distributed registers.

It all started with cryptocurrencies, but not limited to cryptocurrencies. Blockchains have a lot of application possibilities, but for the monetization of cryptocurrency technology is optimal. However, none of the cryptocurrencies has yet become an analogue or a competitor to traditional means of payment.

Why cryptocurrencies need an ecosystem

When a startup creates an innovative product in the real economy, the owners of the company almost always clearly know what market they are going to enter, what infrastructure they need, who their target audience and competitors are, what growth points look like, and so on. Without deep niche analysis, a successful startup is impossible.

In the crypto-currency market, when a new coin appears, it often only carries a certain technological value, but there is simply no appropriate infrastructure for development and distribution.

The BeeNode blockchain is not only innovative, but also builds a whole infrastructure around the cryptocurrency, due to which it is planned to develop and attract new users. The presence of a clear plan and strategy for the development of its own ecosystem, where the cryptocurrency will be the main element, ensures the systematic growth of the coin in price.

Key elements of the BeeNode ecosystem

We conceived and developed BeeNode not as another cryptocurrency that will get lost among thousands of others, differing from them only by some technical characteristics or financial model. BeeNode differs from other digital currencies in the first place by the presence of a powerful infrastructure base — we are building an entire ecosystem around the coin, in which BeeNode will become a mean of payments.

Attracting investments and investors’ income

Any ambitious project needs investments at the start, and investors expect to receive a return in return. Therefore, we decided to combine our needs with the needs of investors who have long wanted to enter the crypto-currency market and are looking for a promising project.

In order for the cryptocurrency to spread, it should be easy and simple to purchase. Now many potential investors who would like to invest in digital assets are experiencing difficulties with this, or are suspicious of many companies offering trust management, because such funds do not have an attachment to the market and can disappear at one point.

The BeeInvest cryptocurrency Fund is an opportunity to quickly enter the market and get a high return on the portfolio. At BeeNode, we have assembled a team of professional money managers who have decades of experience in asset management in venture capital markets, as well as a fundamental understanding of the cryptocurrency market, which allows you to make strategically and tactically correct decisions, earning money for investors.

We are well aware that the demand for the BeeNode coin directly depends on the success of the Fund, as one of the many factors, so we carefully choose effective management strategies. We will prove to cautious investors that the high volatility of the market should not deter, but rather attract capital, because where there is high volatility, there is a high yield.

Stimulation of the demand for cryptocurrency

In order for the cryptocurrency to develop and its exchange price to grow, it is necessary to stimulate demand and constantly attract new users. Most cryptocurrencies have not received enough attention due to the fact that it was not possible to use them as a means of payment, and purely speculative demand is not enough.

The BeeNode ecosystem plans to launch its own trading platform, which will become a cryptocurrency analogue of Amazon and eBay, which will create an additional demand for the coin, because for a digital asset it will be possible to buy quite real things.

In order to make purchases possible not only on our beemall platform, but also in other stores and institutions, we are also launching the BeePay payment system, which will become an analogue of the popular Samsung Pay and Apple Pay today. It will take a little time and everyone will be able to go to the checkout store, put your smartphone to the reader and pay for purchases with cryptocurrency.

The price of a coin directly depends on the demand for it, and the demand, in turn, depends on the ability to exchange currency for something valuable. Today it is possible to exchange bitcoins or other coins only for Fiat money, and for BeeNode it will be possible to buy electronics, food, various services and many other things.

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