BUY&SELL – a New Platform for Global Commerce Built on the Blockchain

Modern global services such as eBay, Amazon, AlliExpress with centralized storage and data processing essentially monopolized the market. Their owners can dictate their terms of use and prices for services. The same applies to payment systems. When buying in a foreign online store, you will have to pay bank fees and lose some of the money at the exchange rate. BUY & SELL is deprived of all these drawbacks. Blockchain makes all the participants equal partners, no one can spontaneously change the terms of interaction, or make changes in the system. Data on all announcements, purchases, and sales, the history of changes in the description of goods and services are stored in each copy of the blockchain. This greatly simplifies the resolution of any disputes and will prevent the platform from being used by unscrupulous users for their own gain. A smart contract system will eliminate many types of fraud that are present on modern trading platforms and classifieds. The buyer can not be afraid that the goods will not be sent even if the seller has been recently added to the system and does not have a rating. The sellers cannot be afraid of the fact that buyers will blackmail them with bad ratings. The approach used in the development of BUY&SELL allows you to identify any fraudulent activities.

But that’s not all! BUY&SELL is not only a classified platform based on blockchain technology with integrated cryptocurrency, the system also includes other high-tech services. This is also an international business social network in which all the participants can communicate, not only sellers with buyers. For example, the buyers will be able to discuss this or that product with each other. All activities of users in the system and connected social networks will be analyzed with the help of Big Data technologies. A self-learning smart advertising system will help to choose for them the most interesting offers. For the seller, this will be an opportunity to show your advertising only to the right target audience. This system will reduce the amount of advertising on the user’s page and leave only a small number of the most interesting offers. The sellers can also save money on advertising and improve conversion.

Due to its benefits, the BUY&SELL platform can become a convenient platform for all types of business interactions (B2B, B2C, C2C). Regardless of the size, direction, and niche, each company will have the opportunity to open a new distribution channel and to promote its goods to unreached markets at no extra cost.  World trade is becoming more global, the BUY&SELL platform raises it to another stage of development. It will allow the sellers and buyers to interact from anywhere in the world without charge for currency exchange. You can order any goods and receive them by courier delivery.

We are on the threshold of a new revolution in the field of IT, such technologies as Big Data, Artificial Intelligence and blockchain are already changing our world. The developers of the BUY&SELL platform have used advanced achievements to create a convenient, safe service and an interesting project for investments.

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