CoinDeal Becomes an Official Partner of Wolverhampton Wanderers Football Club

New, but fast-growing cryptocurrency exchange CoinDeal is quickly building a name for itself in the world of cryptocurrency, and more recently football. As well as now offering fiat currency transfers, CoinDeal is sponsoring Wolverhampton Wanderers Football Club as part of a marketing campaign to reach more cryptocurrency users with details of the reputable exchange.

“It is a big event not only for cryptocurrency and blockchain industry but also for the sports world.”

Newly promoted Wolverhampton Wanderers are an English professional football club, and will play the 2018/2019 season in the Premier League. “Wolves” have previously won the FA Cup four times and Football League Cup – twice. CoinDeal is hoping for more wins. “The upcoming season will be a good challenge for them which they will manage for sure.”

CoinDeal co-founder Kajetan Maćkowiak hopes the partnership will help carry a global message:

“I was always very close to the world of sports, managing players. At CoinDeal we are very aware of the impact that football marketing can have on brand and its community, especially in an industry such as ours. We believe that a club like Wolverhampton Wanderers in a league as prestigious as English Premier League will help carry our message globally. We only hope we can add a brick to a success of the Old Gold in this new challenge”

Launched in March 2018, CoinDeal already has daily trading volumes in the millions. The creators of the platform, Adam Bicz, Kajetan Mackowiak, and Filip Dzierzak aim to show the cryptocurrency community that they “can handle the problems other cryptocurrency exchange platforms face.”

CoinDeal has introduced fiat trading, in EURO’s and USD, for cryptocurrency purchases and platform withdrawals. The platform has gained its popularity “also by the very high level of security and an open approach to the users’ needs.”

In its attempts to meet regulatory expectations and the highest level of security, as well as meeting new markets CoinDeal has joined the Bitcoin Association Switzerland and is in the process of becoming regulated in Switzerland. The cryptocurrency exchange platform is also storing cold wallet keys in Swiss banks’ deposit facilities.

Community is important to CoinDeal, its users can take an active part in deciding the future development of the platform:

“To take the best care of traders, there is a voting system on CoinDeal called “vote for a new cryptocurrency”, thanks to which, users can pick the new cryptos for implementation.”

CoinDeal offers 20 trading pairs currently with plans for more.

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