Cointerra Announce First 16nm Bitcoin Miner

The mining arms race is heating up again, first Kncminer became the first mining company to use 20nm technology in their hardware, now Cointerra have gone one step further announcing their 16nm product named “The Aire Miner” which is capable of hashing at 4.5TH/s, faster than KNCminer’s current generation of products, but significantly slower than a Spondoolies machine.


As every miner knows, hash rate is not everything, a fact that’s becoming more prevalent as difficulty increases at such an inexorable rate and something that Cointerra have factored heavily into development of their latest product which has been designed to be as energy efficient as possible, boasting a five fold increase in performance per watt.

[blockquote]With exceptional hashing performance and power efficiency, we are ready to put the power of high performance bitcoin mining back into the hands of bitcoin enthusiasts the world over.[/blockquote]

The development of Cointerra’s new chip was carried out with their partner Global Unichip and reportedly has been in development for over 9 months with the company expecting to tape out towards the end of September.

The Aire Miner is now available for pre order on Cointerra’s website with an expected delivery date of January 2015, retailing at $2,499


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