Cointrade Aims For Mass Crypto Adoption

The team behind Cointrade recently announced plans to gear up for the projects pre-ICO. The goal of Cointrade is to create the most user-friendly, efficient, and secure trading platform giving users the best chance of profiting from cryptocurrency trading.

The platform will provide users with a large range of trading pairs. Cointrade will implement instruments that allow for fiat currencies to be exchanged for crypto assets. Thus, eliminating excess commissions that cause many users to lose out on potential profits.

The exchange will support operations in the most popular fiat currencies. Starting with USD, EUR, GDP, CAD, and JPY.

Prominent platform features

Intuitive and sleek interface

Due to the hurdles faced by newcomers, most cryptocurrency traders are experienced enthusiasts. One of the primary and most detrimental challenges that new entrants face is due to the lack of functionality on exchange platforms.

The team behind Cointrade has effectively eliminated this issue by making their platform intuitively easy to understand and exploit. This allows the team to attract a vast amount of traders from novices to veterans. The platform’s design along with video guides, quality instructional materials, and support services are tailored to make newcomers feel at ease when venturing into the cryptocurrency market, giving them the opportunity to maximize profits.

Cointrade is ready to provide users with an impressive array of instruments specifically tailored to help traders benefit from their trades. Users will have access to stable analytical mechanisms, responsive trade signals, and a plethora of other tools that will make daily trade operations automated and more enjoyable.

Fully polished exchange

Another issue with other exchanges is that they are not developed to full completion. This often makes using them inconvenient, not to mention the annoying bugs and server lag issues that users experience when exchanges are under heavy loads.

In order to bypass the setbacks seen by most exchanges, Cointrade is set to allocate a significant amount of funds gathered during the process of their ICO towards thoroughly testing their platform ensuring that users assets are secure and safe from malicious activity and that users experience minimal downtime. Additionally, the platforms DDoS protection system will provide further stability.

Many exchanges do not place enough importance on security, or procedure and in the past, some exchange owners have been caught taking part in unethical acts. These factors result in a lack of trust towards exchanges from traders.

Cointrade aims to return investor confidence to the crypto community. Well, thought out, thorough measures will be taken in order to ensure that the threat of hacks is minimized with cold storage technology utilized.

Platform users will be free from the need to shuffle through multiple wallets in order to store their crypto assets. The platform will eliminate that need by providing traders with one place to hold all of their assets. Additionally, in order to prevent user accounts from becoming compromised, 2FA (Two Factor Authentication) will be implemented.

Smart-contracts and Blockchain technology will be utilized by the Cointrade team in order to promote user trust and to automate the platform’s functionality.

Around the clock customer support.

Effective customer support services are an important underlying aspect of the success of any organizations online services. Unfortunately, most cryptocurrency exchanges do not provide real-time support for their clients. Instead, they rely on old methods for establishing a connection and helping their customers.

The Cointrade team understands the importance of providing adequate support services, which is why the platform stands ready to offer its clientele, around the clock multilingual support.

Decreased commissions

Most popular crypto exchanges typically impose high fees for their users. Platform participants have to pay substantial commissions for nearly all trade operations. Be it withdrawals, deposits, and transfers.

The Cointrade team carried out a full analysis of their competitors and came to the conclusion that platform fees must be reduced. This is why Cointrade’s fees are nearly twice as low in comparison to the market average. Additionally, the platform imposes no hidden fees. These factors combined can guarantee a positive inflow of platform participants.

Clarity behind new asset integrations

When it comes to the integration of new cryptocurrencies, Cointrade’s politics are quite clear and transparent. Before adding a new asset to the platform, the team’s analysts take it upon themselves to research the respective asset in order to determine market demand. If demand is adequate, the asset is listed.

Isolated components

In order to ensure stable and continuous performance, the system will be divided into a few components, each of which will operate on separate servers:

  1. Frontend – customer interface element.
  2. Backend operations interface
  3. Order processing algorithm
  4. Cryptocoin client interface
  5. Market maker

Cointrade token

The platforms token (CTT) complies with all pertinent ERC20 standards, the token price will rise alongside with the number of users that take advantage of everything that the platform has to offer. There will be a limited quantity of CTT tokens emitted, with no future plans to issue more.

CTT token holders will get to enjoy 80% discounts on all of the exchange platforms fees, as well ass increased deposit and withdrawal amounts, priority access to new platform features, and premium support services.

Initial Coin Offering

236.110.00 CTT tokens will be released.

  • 23.610.000 CTT will be reserved for team members
  • 25.000.000 CTT available for sale during the pre-ICO
  • 187.500.000 CTT will be sold during the Main ICO

Base price: 1 CTT = 0.24 USD


Start: 1st April, 2018

Ends: 20th April, 2018

Pre-ICO price: 1 CTT = 0.20 USD

Main ICO

Main ICO will start in July 2018

ICO price for CTT will vary between 0.22 and 0.24 USD depending on stage.

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