Cryptocurrency casinos are skyrocketing in popularity charts despite the Bitcoin fluctuations

The cryptocurrency fluctuations don’t discourage online casinos and their players. In fact, the number of bitcoin gamblers is increasing every day despite the ups and downs suffered by the electronic currency.rnBitcoin casinos gain more and more popularity and support regardless of all the bungee fluctuations that make this cryptocurrency so unpredictable. It had a steady growth during the past years having its highest peak of $19,783.06 on 17 December 2017. Just a few days later it started to plummet without any signs of stopping. By February 2018, the total worth of a coin fell to $6000.  

There’s no secret that there are some online gambling platforms that are used for phishing personal information which can be sold to third parties. This could be the main reason many gamblers are turning their backs to the old banking options and opt-in for a cryptocurrency payment method. These cut down the need to provide lots of personal data just to be able to place a bet. Being in control of their anonymity level gives players more freedom to enjoy betting without worries.

Maybe one of the biggest problems gamblers face with online casinos is the processing time. This time is calculated from the moment a withdrawal request was submitted to the money hit the players account. With cryptocurrencies, this problem is just a thing of the past since these digital transactions are super-fast and easy.

Since cryptocurrency is not regulated by any financial institution or government, transferring money from a bookmaker to the player’s account takes only a couple of minutes, unlike traditional payments that could take up to more than a week.

With cryptocurrency payments, gamers can use their money on gambling itself and not wasting them on any extra fees. Since the bitcoin casinos charge very little fees on money transferred, they don’t have to pay the hefty charges that come with it. The minimal fees charged casinos go to the miners who maintain the blockchain.

Cryptocurrency casinos have offered gamblers space to not only spend their bitcoins but also win more. The many perks of using bitcoin in gambling have made it a commodity for gamblers who are looking for new gambling opportunities while still enjoying the good, old fun of the game.

While cryptocurrency is still recovering from the deep plummet experienced in the past year, Bitcoin gambling is predicted to grow steadily and will continue to offer more options for gamblers to enjoy.

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