CryptoKitties Mania. What’s Next? Introducing Cryptobots

2017 was a momentous year for cryptocurrencies which saw huge increases in Bitcoin and Ethereum prices and adoption increase as new users began to invest. And while the field remains volatile and should always be approached with caution, every day new blockchain powered projects are launching including new forms of entertainment and games.

One of these was Cryptokitties which was launched in 2017 and heralded a new form of entertainment in the space. The investment game uses Ethereum smart contracts and currently has $11 million of transaction volume daily. The very first kitty was sold for an astonishing 247 Eth (Approximately $247,000 at the time) However, you can buy the cheapest kitties for as little as half a dollar, demonstrating the range of prices. 

As well as giving users a cute virtual cat, the game focuses on investments, allowing users to breed their kitties, each of which has its own set of characteristics, parameters, and pedigree which are determined by the blockchain rules and cannot be falsified in any way. Using strategies, users can breed more expensive, desirable pets that can fetch a premium when traded. 

At the beginning of 2018, a new game which relies on similar blockchain technology was launched. Cryptobots combines all the best ideas from Cryptokitties, eliminates some of the disadvantages and adds new exciting features. In the game, you can buy unique bots, breed and sell them. You can also upgrade them and arrange online bot battles for a maximum of 10 participants. In these, battles, players bots fight each other with the winner rewarded with a new bot possessing a unique module. 

The players’ property is protected by standard expandable Ethereum-based smart contracts, and the game creators are paying additional attention to the privacy and security of the bots’ collectors. CryptoBots will also implement sinking-mechanics for the bot population, i.e. Upgrade and Recycle, to keep the bots population under control.

The project’s roadmap states that the fully functional release of the game will commence this month, by the end of March the game will go mobile and will be extensively promoted through marketing channels. In addition to this, Cryptobots will be giving away 5 Eth and rare bots to the best players between the 4th and 20th of March !!

Visit the website   and Medium for more info

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