Curio Are About To Unveil The World’s First Car Collectors DAICO At Crypto Valley Event in Zug, Tuesday, September 25th, 2018

Curio Capital AG, a Swiss-based start-up aspiring to set the standard for future integrations of blockchain in the automotive industry, is proud to host an exclusive event, during which it will present its ground-breaking vision for blockchain in the automotive industry. The event will be held at a location within the world-famous Zug Crypto Valley, on Tuesday, September 25th, 2018.

Curio has partnered with key players in the automotive industry, including some of the world’s most prestigious luxury car garages, to create and auction its proprietary Car Cards (non-fungible tokens), defined as “a unique entity” resembling a physical vehicle that is stored in one of the aforementioned garages within its partner network. Car Card holders/Curio game players are now able to collect, to sell, and to gift virtual car cards on the blockchain, which also allows for profit opportunities.

Curio will be releasing a platform known as a “” preceding the main DAICO, and before the official Curio-Token is available. The blockchain platform will go live with only 900 Car Cards auctioned to participants. Whitelisted purchasers with a Car Card will get to participate in the pre-sale DAICO phases. Otherwise, DAICO participants will be chosen at random through a lottery, with the purpose to provide equitable access to the Curio community.

Additionally, participants holding Car Cards valued at over 1000 CHF will be rewarded with limited-edition exclusive posters.

“We are excited to be able to finally share our work with car enthusiasts and blockchain professionals from all around the world” said Mr. Fernando Verboonen, Engineer and Curio Team Leader. He continued, “The automotive industry has yet to explore the many benefits of blockchain economics. Seeing as we are passionate for cars and blockchain technology, we aimed to fuse our interests with the goal of introducing a new era in automobile ownership and trade on a global scale. This is just the first stage of an exciting roadmap which will include many more products, which we plan on rolling out in the near future”

Verboonen has pioneered blockchain adoption at a Swiss Fintech with an investment focus on fine collectible vehicles for years. He started his career as a process engineer at Mercedes with SLK manufacturing in Northern Germany, and later on he gained valuable business skills by screening strategic investment opportunities in software startups at a German corporate venture capital fund. He has also worked for Swiss software startups that achieved significant exit success.

Event Details

“Revolutionizing the automotive industry with blockchain technology”

Venue: Crypto Valley Labs, Dammstrasse 16, Zug

Start: 5:00 PM

End: 8:00 PM

Curio will be launching a game platform of a marketplace including only 900 Non-Fungible tokens. The Curio car card game will start concurrently with the event’s commencement and last until the launch of Curio DAICO.

The company will share further information on the Curio DAICO in its upcoming whitepaper, whose release will be announced in future communications with the press.

The Curio website is set to go live on September 25th, 2018.


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Media Contact:

Company Name: Curio Capital AG

Address: Aabachstrasse 8 6300 Zug

Country: Switzerland

Phone:  +41799072839

Email: [email protected]

Contact Person: Fernando Verboonen

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