A brief description of DIMPAY

DIMPAY is a platform that facilitates instant, decentralized and secure online payments and it was developed on the NEM blockchain protocol.

The DIMPAY payment method is less expensive, works instantaneously and it will eliminate the numerous payment errors that occur in the payment process. DIMPAY is ideal for peer to peer, business to business, consumer to business and business to consumer transactions.

Dim Ecosystem – Powering Dimpay

The DIMPAY platform is one of the newly incorporated in the DIM Ecosystem, which is made up out of DEPOTWALLET, mobile DEPOTWALLET and the Dim Credit Card. One can have access to the DIM Ecosystem through WISE Consulting Ltd. and Hybrid Stock Exchange.

WISE Consulting Ltd.  is a wise-exchange that trades fiat currencies for DIM Currencies and other cryptocurrencies, as well as digitizing physical assets. They arrange for the amount to be withdrawn into the user’s Business Account and then the sum will be transferred into their bank account.

Hybrid Stock Exchange (HYBSE) is an online stock exchange platform that enables small and medium enterprises (SME’s) to seek and access capital from all over the world.

DEPOTWALLET Web and Mobile App

DEPOTWALLET works as a virtual wallet within a web app which lets the user sell, buy, hold and manage his cryptocurrencies and his electronic assets. This wallet based on blockchain technologies enables users to make peer to peer transactions, or companies to make business to business transactions.

The mobile version for the DEPOTWALLET will come first in the form of a beta version for testing, which will be followed by upgrades and updates made in the software’s security system.

Details about the DIM Debit Card

The DIM Debit Card will link the user to his account via DEPOTWALLET or the mobile DEPOTWALLET version. Card holders will be able to change their DIMCOINs and cryptocurrencies into DIM currencies that could be further used for purchasing goods and services from online and real life shops.

Private Account

Private Accounts have been designed for the user to have total control over his account. This account will be connected to his DEPOTWALLET account and this will enable said user to monitor and manage his digital assets and cryptocurrencies.

Business Account

Business Accounts were designed for the use of business owners, which will let them keep track of their inventory and transactions and perform various other actions involving their funds – all done from one account.


The release day for DIMPAY’s coin offering will be on the 7th of December and it will end on the 18th of December. This release is an opportunity for those holders of DIM TOKENs and cryptocurrencies to help the DIMPAY project to gather more capital to reach its final phases of development.

The maximum ICO target is that of 1,500 BTC (Bitcoin).

There are a few bonuses that will be offered:

-25%( 35% for using NEM) 4-6 December

-10%(20% for using NEM) 7-12 December

-5%(15% for using NEM) 13-18 December

The accepted cryptocurrencies that are allowed are Bitcoin, Ethereum and NEM.

This ICO release will redistribute the obtained funds into different parts of the DIM Ecosystem, which will also help increase the capital status of the DIMPAY platform.

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