Divi Token Sale Recap

The Divi token sale lasted for a total of 70 days including the private funding round, and 7077.24 ETH was raised ($3,228,495.34 at the time of writing). A staggering number considering the level of saturation and bearishness the ICO market is facing at the moment.

A total of 6,171,606.7385 DIVX were created during the sale, and the Treasury holds approximately 16.67% of those tokens, half of which will be vested for a period of 2 years by the founders, the other half of which will be used to pay advisors, developers, influencers, and bounties.

630 unique contributors helped us reach these numbers, which is exciting because, at the time of writing, only about 7% of the total supply of tokens are available for sale on the market.

Most ICOs find a much higher percentage (25–35%) of their tokens on exchanges, so this is an indication that most of our community are thinking long-term. We started our first public phase at 650 DIVX per 1 ETH, after 10 days the price went to 575 DIVX per 1 ETH, and finally the sale closed at the price point of 500 DIVX per 1 ETH. Our airdrops have already begun, with the first one successfully dropping yesterday. 21 more airdrops will reward DIVX holders who have their tokens held within their wallet.

We and our supporters are anxiously looking forward to the Q2 2018 release of the DIVI protocol, at which point DIVX can be converted to DIVI at a 1:1 ratio. Interested parties can now acquire DIVX on Ether Delta and Cryptopia. We are listed on Blockfolio now, and should see our listing on CoinMarketCap at some point in the next 12 hours, according to an email from their support department.

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