DMEX – the first Decentralized Margin Trading Exchange (DEX)

A new trading platform has launched on the market providing the solution for decentralized trading that everybody was waiting for. DMEX (Decentralized Mercantile Exchange) is the first of its kind decentralized margin trading exchange offering up to 100x leverage on 20+ crypto assets.

How is DMEX different from BitMEX and other alternatives?

  1. With DMEX, all user funds are stored on a smart contract, to which no one has access to, not even the operators of DMEX. This makes it impossible for the funds to be stolen by hackers or frozen by any authorities. The user holds the private keys to his/her wallet and is the only one who can access the funds.


  1. DMEX uses outside price feeds for price settlements. This means that your position cannot get liquidated by a trade performed on DMEX, it can only be liquidated by the price printed on the outside exchange acting as the price source. This removes the risk of the price being manipulated to trigger position liquidations. Outside price feeds are provided by a decentralized Oracle, removing the risk of a manipulated price being fed into the platform.


  1. DMEX is anonymous, all you need to trade on DMEX is an Ethereum wallet and a trading idea. All trading is performed in USD and the profit is paid in ETH at the exchange rate at the time of position opening.


  1. No liquidity issues. When opening a position the user chooses the expiration date of the position. Once the date is reached the position is settled automatically. Due to the nature of DMEX, there can be no liquidity issues, as each position is entered by 2 parties (a long and a short) when the position expires the loser pays the winner. Users can exit positions earlier through the order book.


  1. DMEX is a fully open-source P2P futures exchange. All code is available on GitHub including the frontend application.


  1. Instant deposits and withdrawals.

DMEX is truly the future of trading. There is absolutely no reason to trade on centralized exchanges with this product available. You get the same experience and speed of execution combined with full security of funds, anonymity and absolutely no headaches or manipulations.

DMEX offers a testnet version of the exchange where anyone can try the system without risking any money.

Try DMEX now at DMEX.App.

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