FLOGmall E-Commerce Platform Creating Internal Mechanism for Token Capitalization

As the number of ICO projects grows, investors are becoming more and more discerning in their choices. Attention has to be paid not just to the idea on which the project is based, but also to its internal math. In most cases, tokens gain in value due to the company becoming more popular globally after the ICO is conducted. However, there are projects that have developed internal mechanisms for capitalizing the contributions of early investors.

The international e-commerce platform FLOGmall has given advance thought to the factors influencing the token price, which will maintain its exchange rate within a certain range.

First off, immediately after the ICO the official Mallcoin exchange rate will be set at 0.001 ETH. The price will not fall below this level.

Why will people buy Mallcoin? Because even though FLOGmall is a free platform for participants, they can purchase access to additional services, but they can only be paid for in Mallcoin. As the popularity of the platform grows as a result of planned large-scale marketing campaigns, the marketplace’s audience will grow, and token demand will grow with it.

How is the exchange rate set?

Users who need tokens will be able to acquire them in three ways:

  1. At the officially set exchange rate on the FLOGmall platform.
  2. From Mallcoin holders through the built-in Automatic Token Exchange Service (ATES). The system is simple and transparent, with an internal token exchange rate, as well as a clear algorithm for trading tokens between the platform’s buyers and sellers.
  3. On various cryptocurrency exchanges where the token will be traded.

We will focus specifically on the second method since it is what makes the FLOGmall approach unique. The fact is, each early holder can exchange any amount of tokens, setting any exchange rate, for any cryptocurrency.

Early holder advantages

Now let’s evaluate the logic of an early holder’s behavior. Those who acquired tokens as part of the Pre-ICO, in the very first phase, will have received them at 0.00033 ETH. Naturally, immediately after the ICO concludes and when the retail platform launches at full scale, they will not want to sell their asset below this initial cost.

At the same time, the top boundary for the exchange rate set through ATES would hypothetically be equal to the official exchange rate set by the FLOGmall project, 0.001 ETH. That would set the upper limit.

An additional factor maintaining a high Mallcoin exchange rate will be that every day the number of platform users will increase, bringing sales volume with it. More and more sellers will need to acquire Mallcoin tokens, meaning that the token exchanges through ATES will accelerate. Therefore, there would be no sense in intentionally lowering the exchange rate to speed up the transaction.

Boundless potential

In addition, another important thing to keep in mind is that the ATES mechanism is a form of risk hedging. Even aside from it, the project has a good chance of attracting broad-based interest from users, which creates the promise of further increases in Mallcoin value. This is because the project takes into account the interests of several groups at once.

When working with FLOGmall, sellers will no longer have a need for expensive marketing. FLOGmall makes it easy for them to create their own marketing campaigns to directly attract buyers.

Meanwhile, buyers will have the opportunity to purchase mass-market goods for cryptocurrency. Various electronics, appliances, clothing, and other day-to-day items will now be available to token holders.

And the earlier you become part of the FLOGmall project, the more you will benefit in the future!

ICO Phases

The most attractive Mallcoin exchange rate will be offered to participants in the Pre-ICO, which will take place from February 22nd to March 8th 2018. The soft cap for this phase is set at $2.5 million, and the exchange rate will be 3000 MLC to 1 ETH.

After that will be the ICO phase, which will take place over just three weeks, from March 22nd to April 12th 2018. For this round, the soft cap will be $5 million, and the Mallcoin exchange rate will be 2000 to 1 ETH.

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