Freedom Streaming Launches Open Beta Live Streaming Platform

Freedom Streaming – uncensored and anonymous live streaming fully backed by crypto goes live for open beta rn

The first freedom of speech and privacy-oriented streaming service backed by cryptocurrency, Freedom Streaming has announced that users all over the world are now allowed to signup and start using their live streaming platform.

Freedom Streaming is the first live streaming service to protect users’ privacy to the fullest, allowing users to remain anonymous. The signup process requires nothing more than an email address. Broadcasts, chat logs, IP addresses are not stored in the database. Private messages include end-to-end encryption, so messages and images can only be decrypted by sender and receiver. All donations between users are done through Freedom Tokens (FDM) which are ERC-20 Tokens on the Ethereum blockchain and allow for anonymous transactions between users. Since no personally identifiable information is stored, such information cannot be stolen, sold, hacked, or subpoenaed.

Freedom Streaming is also the first live streaming platform to allow streamers and viewers to earn cryptocurrency for using the platform. A total of 200 streamers a month will be awarded FDM Tokens each and every month. 100 streamers with top monthly views will be awarded a significant amount of FDM Tokens, as well as 100 streamers with the top monthly followers. 1,000 viewers will also be randomly selected in the Lucky Draw and be awarded FDM Tokens each month.

The platform is also the first Freedom of Speech oriented live streaming service taking a stand against censorship of all forms. Users of the platform will have the freedom to broadcast whatever content they desire, without fear of getting banned or censored by administrators. They welcome all streamers who have been banned or censored from other platforms to switch over to Freedom Streaming. The platform allows streamers to create password protected streams for those who wish to keep their live broadcast private. They also offer entry fee streams for streamers who wish to earn FDM from viewers during their live broadcast.

FDM Tokens can be used for several things on the platform including purchasing premium services, purchasing emotes, and donating to other users. As a promotion, all emotes in the emote store will be free until August 15th.

Be amongst the first to signup and use Freedom Streaming to earn crypto rewards by going to

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