Friend – Empowering Users and Developers to Grow in the Digital Landscape

The eon of the internet has allowed common masses to access streamlined services at a faster speed. While digitalization has accorded us with evident benefits, there are some critical challenges such as security breaches, data accessibility, high dependency on centralized platforms, etc. that hinder an individual’s growth in this sphere. People presently require decentralized platforms that can provide more flexibility and security to the digital domain.

Friend Platform – Rendering a Staunch Solution

Friend is an open source community developed within the blockchain technology that aims at providing a decentralized platform to common masses. It works with a unique approach that enables users to have full control over their data, thus, eliminating the high dependency on centralized platforms. Friend is the world’s first liquid computing platform that offers users a Workspace that can be accessed from anywhere around the world, at any given time.

Friend also works with various Government technology (Gov-tech) & Educational Technology (Edu-tech) projects to create a collaborative digital space. Govtech is a discipline of tech-solutions, bridging the gap between the GIG economy (freelancers, contract workers, etc.) and Small and Medium Enterprises (SMEs) and public data.

The Digital Friend Cloud Computer

The vast Friend Network boasts of decentralized resources and services. It is a platform where users can participate in various digital activities via sharing their computing power, bandwidth, and storage space connected by Friend Nodes. This enables them to create a user-owned infrastructure where freedom and security are the central elements. The Friend Workspace lets people access the network easily on both, a desktop and mobile environment.

The Reliable Friend Workspace

Friend internet OS has a powerful framework and integrates all the features and functionalities that one expects in a standard operating system. The Friend Workspace is a responsive desktop space that provides seamless multitasking in a single tab and operates on modern standards-compliant web browsers. It can be reached from any device capable of running a modern browser.  While the application is distributed distinctly, the Workspace enables users to run various applications and services within a single sign in.

Date Control and Security

The Friend internet OS gives users and developers the freedom to opt for storage providers as per their preference. They can connect to services such as Google Drive, Storj, Dropbox, IPDB, IPFS, etc., along with built-in storage that is integrated on a Friend node. All storage ‘drivers’ are open source and implemented with a standardized interface.

The network employs client-side encryption for authentication and provides the possibility to encrypt data at rest using the file system drivers. Additionally, JavaScript applications are executed in secure sandboxes that have restricted access to certain functionalities. This guarantees a safe interaction between various applications running on a single device. The interactions between servers and clients are secured using industry standard SSL/TLS encryption.

Friend – Empowering Developers

Friend enables developers to create applications that are compatible with any device capable of running on a browser, like smartphones, VR systems, tablets, PCs, and TVs. Additionally, it connects arbitrary technologies and deploys them onto the internet. By offering a reliable framework, easy accessibility, efficient file management, etc., it reduces the development overheads as well. The unique features and functionalities of the Friend ecosystem allows developers to create a distribution system where applications and data can be shared and utilized.

Harnessing the Benefit of a Decentralized Ecosystem

Friend efficiently offers users the freedom to control and access their own data. It is boasted with exceptional features and functionalities that allows developers and users to thrive on the digital landscape. By offering an easy-to-use interface that enables users to take part in various activities via their personal computers or mobile devices, Friend is providing a secure environment for people to expand their horizons.

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