G-Global Business Portal, Based in Estonia, is Created Using The Most Promising Technology Ideas From Around the World

In Estonia, a country of highly developed technologies and advanced innovations, the consulting marketplace, G-Global Business Portal is being developed under the leadership of Denis Tsyro. Mikhail Korb, the Member of Parliament and the Secretary-General of the Centre Party of Estonia.

G-Global Business Portal is blockchain-based and allows leading specialists to cooperate for the modernization of enterprises in the real sector of the Estonian economy.

G-Global Business Portal is a tool for robotization, innovation, technologies and for entering the new markets of the US, China, and other European countries. The consulting marketplace unites experts from all over the world on its platform and is a new tool for digitizing the Estonian economy.

American Nobel laureates in economics Alvin Roth and Eric Maskin have signed cooperation agreements with the G-Global Business Portal and will participate in the project to modernize Estonian enterprises in the real sector of the economy.

Ben Goertzel, a visionary in artificial intelligence and the developer of the world most famous humanoid robot Sophia, integrates AI technologies into the consulting marketplace platform which optimizes communications.

Sergei Sergienko, the founder of ChronoBank, will be an expert in human resources management. The Chronobank system will be integrated into the G-Global Business Portal platform and ensure a stable assessment of the productivity of the person during working hours and will use the TIME token to measure the usefulness of the employee.

The Chinese cryptofund AngelVest invests in real business and the real economy, and the G-Global Business Portal is a tool where experts from around the world help to reorganize enterprises. David Chen, the co-founder of the AngelVest Fund is an adviser of the G-Global Business Portal in the field of investments and innovations.

Registered on the platform as advisors are numerous experts from around the world. Convenient group video chat allows the best specialists in their fields specialists to collaborate, sharing their knowledge and experience.



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