GANA Technologies Brings Cannabis Industry To The Next Level: ICO Dates Are Announced

GANA Technologies, the blockchain company for cannabis industry based on AI, announced the dates of the token public sale. It starts on May 21st and ends July 20th, 2018, with the target level of 60K ETH. GANA Technologies provides optimized AI solutions to individuals and research institutes by establishing an ecosystem which collects and shares data from the cannabis industry. The project aims to make users the indirect developers of AI as they provide the data necessary for responsible AI training.

Nowadays, cannabis is considered a part of the medical industry, and it means that recommendations and analysis must be based on objective data. AI integrations may revolutionize the industry: however, special attention must be paid to the ethical consciousness of developers.

Why AI?

Cannabis industry requires rigorous procedures and records that are generally made in handwriting or spreadsheets. Applying IT technology to distribution, cultivation, and sales of cannabis would enhance the efficiency of data collection and increase reliability. Gana’s AI works with big data, thus bringing industry up to the next level.

Gana Technologies will thoroughly analyze individual data received through its mobile application. All the recommendations, research and learning results will be recorded in blockchain in order to maintain transparency of all the procedures related to technology development and gain users’ trust.

“The GANA ecosystem initially focuses on collecting data from retailers, communities, research institutes and individuals, but will also be open to new participants who are willing to be a part of the system,” says Gapseong Noh, the Chief Executive Officer of the project. “For example, a producer of digital content for mobile applications can participate in the GANA ecosystem as a content provider. In this case, he will be provided with useful feedback which could be used to improve content quality and relevance.”

About Gana Token

The amount of tokens issued will be 2,400,000,000, with the token rate of 1 ETH equaling 20,000 GANA tokens.

8.3% of tokens have already been distributed in the course of the private sale.  

Another 41.7% will be available during the main sale.

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