GAW Being Sued By Their Electric Company, Power Bill Shows $72,000 Consumed In January

GAWMiners, the former mining company turned [alleged] scam coin creator, appears to be in more hot water. The Law Firm Blach and Bingham LLC has filed suit against GAWMiners on behalf of The Mississippi Power Company for allegedly consuming USD $199,832.93 worth of power without making payment. The Mississippi Power Company demanded a total of $273,335.20 in a letter before bringing the issue to the courts. With additional interest and penalties, the total damages they are asking the court for $346,647.29 in damages for the consumed electricity, services and the minimum amount during the remaining eight months of the contract. has obtained GAW Miners’ unpaid bill as part of the public documents for the case Mississippi Power Company v GAW Miners, LLC, made available through PACER court system. They are publicly available for anyone willing to pay the PACER $0.10 per page fee. The case was first brought to media attention by Twitter user TradesAce and was then reported on by

Gaw Power Bill Ed

Josh Garza, the embattled CEO of GAW Miners was quoted on the hashtalk message boards via Coinfire as saying the issue was simply a pay dispute. However, the complete power bill seems to indicate that GAW Miners made a total $0.00 during their contract with the Mississippi Power Company. That is clearly more than a simple disagreement on how the final month should be tallied. The bill shows

This comes at a time of infighting between the Paycoin Foundation and Josh Garza. As previously reported by here and elsewhere, certain Prime Controllers have been staking at an incredible rate of 350% compounded interest. Apparently, the issue was never fixed. Many users, who received accolades for their posts from Josh Garza, blamed former developer Joe Mordica for the disagreement. Mordica was also blamed for the revived test coins back in February, and stepped down after that occurred but never admitted any guilt. Mordica leaving the company was not publicized by GAW. It is unclear what the situation is currently between Garza and the Paycoin Foundation.

We contacted Mordica for comment and he stated he would be willing to comment on both subjects but has not at press time. We will update this space if and when he comments.

Mordica seems to be becoming a bit of a Trotsky to Garza’s Stalin. Meaning, he continually seems to be blamed for negative events, even long after he has left the company.

Regardless, the petty infighting about the Prime Controllers of Paycoin is hardly the point. The point is that Garza and GAW have a lot more creditors than just Paycoin customers. When everything collapses, GAW will have more important creditors (in the eyes of the court) than individual Paycoin holders. Those hoping for an SEC enforced refund of their investment will have to get in a very long line.

Furthermore, if Garza hasn’t been paying GAW’s electric bill, how did he ever plan to be a company that supports the $20 price of Paycoin, work with big companies and everything else he promised?

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