Gawooni – To Emerge In The Market With Its Concrete USP

Games are not only a form of entertainment, the industry generates billions of dollars in income every year and also serves as an interactive tool for communications between brands and consumers. 

The games developed by Gawooni completely follow the latest multinational trends including mobile gaming on Smartphones and Tablets and online gaming by employing the Gawooni gaming portal and have set new standards in quality content. In addition, the Gawooni development team produce new ideas and innovative gaming options to keep gamers entertained. 

About Gawooni

Gawooni is developed by a team of experienced interional developers and produces high-quality games for emerging markets including Southeast Asia, India, and South America. Gawooni focuses on mobile and online gaming as well as Esports, encouraging competitive gaming and being particularly attractive to sponsors, advertisers and media partners.

“Tuk-tuk-rush” is a distinguished and memorable game which emulates the expeditious ride inside the mini taxis and the manner in which it meshes through the traffic of Thailand to determine its enchantment by being associated with it in a playful manner. On the other hand “Jungle Rush “is an adventurous game requiring talent and skill with proficiency in all levels of the game along with familiarity together with knowledge of story in the game and is a tribute to elephants and other endangered animals. Similarly, “Naval Rush” renders violent activities on high seas with an unparalleled atmosphere wherein the ship ought to be equipped by the captain to contest against endless rivals. Other games such as “Crossy Rush” control the traffic on congested crossings in the world with numerous inputs from the group. Likewise, “Casino Rush” allows reusing the coins won in the game in several other games that are run on Gawooni  games portal.

The Gawooni Ecosystem

GAWOONI has created a gaming ecosphere where games introduced by the company, as well as other 3rd party games can be published. With the help of developers from Germany, India and South East Asia, the company has successfully introduced the utility token, GWON and its in-game crypto currency, the GAWOONI coins.

The gamers can win tokens by playing games that can be further converted into GAWOONI coins. These coins can be used in the others games which are published on the same platform for up-gradation purposes.

To sum up, Gawooni games have secured its place in the games market because of its distinct relativity and connection with the actual situations of the world as it has no AAA development quota but has funny and topmost ideas for gameplay where the inputs are highly appreciated.



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