Gibraltar Bringing Blockchain to The Collectables World With the Launch of ICO

Leading digital financial engineering company, Gibraltar, planning to transform the world of collectables with the launch of the First Fiat Government Issued ERC20 Token – QRG Coinsrn

Gibraltar is one of the leading digital financial engineering companies that have distinguished itself in the digital currency space, with its unique services. The digital financial engineering service provider is taking the cryptocurrency space to a whole new level with the launch of the initial coin offering for the first of its kind Fiat Government Issued ERC20 Token – the QRG Coins.

The concept of digital currency or cryptocurrency as it is also called has obviously changed the way payments are made and received across the globe, described as “one of the most innovative new financial technologies available.” Gibraltar is however bringing a new dimension into the space with the QRG Coin.

The coin is aimed at addressing some different issues including the subject of trust between buyers and sellers by incentivizing appropriate behavior of all participants in a transaction. The token is basically aimed at facilitating transactions and stimulating the collectibles markets globally, dramatically reduce the cost associated with the global transfer of payments, while increasing the transparency in the cryptocurrency space.

Leveraging the creation of the ledger that will track lineage and provenance of valuable collectables, the advantage of the QRG coins rises above local, national and even international politics in terms of facilitating transactions.

Like any other digital currency, the QRG coins will operate on the blockchain, ensuring the transportation of secure and reliable financial transactions between two parties without needing an intermediary.

The cryptocurrency is designed to take care of two types of transactions – buying and selling the actual tokens, Sending Tokens to renowned Dealers/Auction Houses/Galleries in exchange for collectibles, and Peer to peer trades of Tokens for Collectibles between individuals.

“The collectables world, philatelic and Crypto communities will welcome the advent of blockchain and distributed ledger technology to facilitate the transfer of value between buyers and sellers.” “The Gibraltar QRG Coins will be a leading light in illuminating the transparency of such transactions and thereby increasing the trust and confidence of participants on both sides.” said World Chess Champion Anatoly Karpov, a world-renowned philatelist.

More information about the Gibraltar QRG Coins and how to participate in the initial coin offering can be found on the website and whitepaper.

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