Global Finances Company Launches a Cryptocurrency Kickstarter

Global Finances Company has announced plans to launch a new cryptocurrency crowdfunding service. The new resource will use cryptocurrency as the main payment method for supporting projects.

The main goal of the project is to simplify and secure the process of investing in startups, and as well as allowing investments using cryptocurrencies, the process will be controlled with smart contracts and will allow users to make payments for services within projects and on partners sites using cryptocurrencies.

If someone has an idea for a new business or project and want to raise money for its launch they can publish the idea on and raise the desired amount.

As well as being a resource for business owners to raise money for their projects, the platform will also serve as a place that cryptocurrency investors can find new projects to invest in.

Great prospects believe that the project will be the beginning of something huge as larger companies move into the cryptocurrency space and will become a central business community making it a base for technical decisions, marketing, and cryptocurrency integration.

In the future, owners of tokens will be able to use additional tools and resources on the site including mobile banking, reading the news portal, trading on exchanges and even purchase products from projects.

As one of the creators of the project, Johann Muller, stated:

“We will create a resource which lets anyone get involved with cryptocurrency and integrate modern blockchain technology into everyday life.”

About Global Finances

Global Finances startup was registered in 2017. But Global Finances Company, who work in the software market and on marketing have been operating for almost 10 years. The team is comprised of 30 members working remotely. The marketing department is situated in New York and developers are in the CIS and UAE.

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