Havas Group Launches Havas Blockchain

Havas Group, one of the world’s largest global communications companies, is one of the latest companies to become involved in blockchain technology. Recently, the French company announced they are launching Havas Blockchain.

Havas Blockchain is a fully integrated communications offering that is designed to support the entrepreneurs and businesses involved in blockchain and will officially launch in May of 2018. The announcement is in partnership with Blockchain Partner, which is the top blockchain transformation consultancy in France. The project is backed by AMO, which is Havas Group’s leading global partnership of corporate and financial communications consultancies.

The Havas Blockchain team is led by Havas Paris consultant Fabien Aufrechter, who said the following on the launch:

“As leader of record in financial communications, Havas Paris is the natural go-to agency for ICOs, which are set for significant growth. This new field of financial communications, aimed at both traditional investors and the cryptocurrency community, will rely more specifically on community engagement, social media and public relations”.

They will combine the global communications experience of Havas Group, with the reach of the AMO network, which is primarily active in Asia and a hub for blockchain technology and ICOs. They hope that this combination will make them a world leader in ICO design and support.

While ICOs raised billions of dollars last year, about half of them failed. Havas Group believes that their strategic support will be instrumental in making ICOs more sustainable. In addition to their support of ICOs, Havas Blockchain will also offer coaching, teaching and communications support for firms who are already working with blockchain technology.

The partnership between Havas Group, Blockchain Partner and AWO is already functional and operational, as they are working on their first ICO, which is scheduled for the spring of this year. The ICO is for Talao, which is the world’s first blockchain platform to connect freelancers of all kinds with major corporations in every sector. Havas Blockchain’s commitment will be in the form of tokens that will be acquired by the Havas Group.

Just like Aufrechter, Blockchain Partner’s CEO Claire Balva also has high hopes for this partnership:

“Havas Blockchain’s communications expertise and Havas Group’s international reach will open up a new dimension for our clients’ blockchain projects. AMO network agencies, especially in Asia, will be invaluable in communicating directly with cryptocurrency investors”.

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