HER, the next hundredfold cryptocurrency

Hero Node is pleased to announce that on the 16th June 2018 it was added to the Bibox and Lbank exchange platforms. Hero Node introduces a new generation of decentralized computing based on what we call “fog computing,” and the HER token paves the way for developers to build on top of this platform. 

There are two major investment strategies in the cryptocurrency market: short-term trading of main coins and long-term holding of value coins. Main coins have a large amount of popularity and good circulation, and there is a small possibility of market makers operating the price. However, the value of main coins has been recognized by most of the investors, and it is hard to have a major breakthrough in the market price. Value coins are those coins with potential, which have a wide range of application scenarios in the future, and the current value of them have not been found by most people yet. There is still a lot of space for price increases. In other words, the main coins were also value coins before, and the value coins will become the main coins in the future.

Generally speaking, the reason that people invest in digital currency is for the high investment income, and the long-term value investment is very consistent with it. The key is that is there any value coin that is worthy to invest in the market now? The answer is yes. Today we are going to introduce you to HER (Hero Node) and the reasons that the company are classing it as a value coin are explained below:

Firstly, in terms of application scenario, the current blockchain has entered the 3.0 era, the competition of the underlying public chains has become increasingly fierce. Can ETH hold its own status or not? And can EOS overtake the others? Also, other coins like QTUM, NEO, etc. are quite competitive. However, these public chains still cannot find a perfect combination with processing speed, security and decentralization. The processing speed of EOS is fast but it selects the local centralized DPOS mechanism. Ethereum chooses decentralization, but is only currently capable of processing a few dozen transactions a second and without scaling solutions, there is no way to deploy large-scale applications to run on the network.

Hero Node solves the problems with running applications with a creative solution: On the one hand, since each chain has its own strengths, we could develop a DApp that can run on these platforms simultaneously, and then developers can select right the public chain according to the operating characteristics in the DApp.

For example, if the speed is required but the privacy is not necessary, it can be put on the EOS platform. If we require higher privacy, it can be done on the Ethereum platform. On the other hand, it also lowers the requirements for developers and reduces the need for different public chains with different development languages. A normal developer who has not learned smart contracts can also create DApp on Hero Node.

Then comes to its release mechanism. HER issued a total of 2 billion coins, of which circulation accounted for 40%. HER has played the role of rights in the Hero Node system and is a symbol of status. The more HER you have, the higher your position will be, and you will have more development resources. Who will need them most in the future? Of course it is the developer of DAPP. The most important thing is that these coins will not be consumed during the development process, it means you purchased once and you can keep using them.

This mechanism shows that the price of HER has the potential to keep rising as more and more blockchain DApps appear. As the Hero Node platform combines security, speed, and decentralization it will attract more and more developers, and the need of HER will certainly increase because of the demand for development resources. For these developers, they will not be willing to sell HER and lose HER is equivalent to the loss of the development of resources, which will inevitably affect their own continuous development progress. Along with a large number of new developers approach, HER on the market will be less and less, but the demand will continue to increase, which will lead to continued upward momentum in price.

Finally, let us talk about HER’s current price. Because the founding team is busy in developing project and promotion is not enough, currently, HER only trades on 5 small exchanges and only supports HER/ETH trading, whose current price is only 0.148 yuan. In the currency circle, the degree of attention has a big influence on digital currency. The good news is that the project team has set out to promote the project and revealed that it is preparing for listing on the top exchanges, which will have a very big effect on the promotion of the project, and the market price of HER is likely to raise a lot.

In terms of application scenarios and currency issuance mechanisms, HER is a real value coin. Now the current price is still low but we believe that HER will become the next hundredfold coin.

Have you missed the BTC and EOS wave before? Should you think about it this time?

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