How the EU licensed exchange Kriptomat is bringing crypto to everyone

If you ever tried to buy ERC20 tokens, then you must have inevitably found yourself in a situation where you had to register on at least two crypto exchanges. The main reason for this is that ERC20 tokens can generally only be bought on the so-called crypto-crypto exchanges, so you need to use another exchange which acts solely as a fiat gateway.

Kriptomat is a crypto exchange that solves this problem. It is a Slovenian platform which enables people to buy tokens directly with euro. They are officially licensed to operate within the European Union. As such, it is a great entry portal into the world of cryptocurrencies, especially for beginners.

They currently offer Bitcoin, Ethereum, Litecoin, Dash, Augur, Gnosis, 0xProject, OmiseGO, Enjin, Status, SunContract, Metal, Civic, Request Network, FunFair, Propy, and Loopring.

Each of the 17 listed coins is available in pair with euro, making Kriptomat a great choice for people who don’t want to go through the arduous process of going through multiple exchanges to buy coins that aren’t usually offered in pair with fiat money.

Their latest addition was Litecoin and they are continually adding new cryptocurrencies.

User-Friendly and safe

Kriptomat offers a user-friendly experience in an industry that wants to reach the mainstream but is continually struggling to do so with unintuitive user interfaces and a steep learning curve. The fact is that most people simply don’t have the technical know-how or the for crypto. So this complexity is often the main reason why people struggle.

Their goal is to provide the most secure crypto platform. As such, Kriptomat OÜ was established in Estonia, which is one of the most progressive regulators when it comes to technology. Estonia has already started regulating digital currencies by and Kriptomat has been issued operating licenses by the Financial Intelligence Unit for Providing services of exchanging a virtual currency against a fiat currency and for Providing a virtual currency wallet service.

The service is currently available in 20 languages, making it a great choice for people who want to operate in their native language.

Their blog offers regular updates and educational content, mostly geared towards beginners, but also useful for people wanting to remain informed about the crypto space.

Transparent and open

Kriptomat is open with their fees and limits, readily and openly displayed on their website. They also offer a referral program where users can earn 25% of their revenue.

The founder is Srdjan Mahmutovich who leads a team of digital and tech experts. They have launched several successful digital projects, including Spletnik, a digital marketing agency, and Platformax, a sales tool for inside-sales teams. When it comes to crypto, the team identified the need for a service for ordinary people.

Kriptomat offers a responsive support and a team that is open to communication via every form of social media.

The mobile app is coming soon.

You can register here. (


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