IDCM Announces Its New Cryptocurrency Exchange Alliance Solution

International Digital Currency Markets (IDCM) is one of the pioneering exchanges to implement the best of both worlds—centralized exchanges and decentralized exchanges. IDCM exchange is a branch of IDCG that had realised the disadvantages of both centralised and decentralised exchanges early on. This had led IDCG to form International Digital Currency Markets exchange that is the first to use a consensus mechanism.

The Issues Currently Faced by Centralised and Decentralised Exchanges

The centralised exchanges today, face issues like risk of running into credits, operational risks, security threats and the inability to be equally fair to all users. In case of the decentralised exchanges, during heavy trading, the traders are more likely to experience delays and high transaction fees. The decentralised exchanges do not offer cross-chain transactions or support fiat currencies.

Combinations Successfully Experimented by IDCM

Alliance of decentralised system and supernodes: The decentralised system and supernodes had focused on building a high-speed consensus, mechanism. The team of developers of IDCM claim that the process will improve the speed of transactions and manage the volume. The users will be able to participate in an alliance governance that will maintain the virtue of the decentralised ecosystem and grab the comfortability of centralised environment.

Security changes: By amalgamating the encryption technology used by the banks with a multi-signature layered distributed storage system, IDCG has formed a secured platform for trading through IDCM Alliance. IDCG also implements AI security systems to assure the traders of their safety.

Shared liquidity pool: Exchanges that have joined the IDCM platform will have a shared liquidity pool and absorb extra liquidity from the OTC trades. The advantage is that the OTC volume allows the traders to enjoy 5 times more than what a centralised exchange offers.

Transparent feature: The centralised exchanges are not so transparent while the blockchain technology has its own issues. Even though blockchain technology has come a long way since its inception, the decentralised open-source system needs to cover many areas. IDCM has implemented this technology as a solution to how to avoid manipulated transactions. The audit performed is completely independent that assures institutional level transparency to the users.

IDCM Alliance Members Are Always Welcome

The alliance exchanges together form a global digital currency trading platform. All cryptocurrency exchanges that prioritise their clients and share the same concerns are most welcome to join the IDCM alliance group. IDCM follows a voting protocol that helps in deciding whether an exchange is qualified to join the cryptocurrency alliance group or not. Also, the alliance exchange sites have to be legalised to operate in their country of origin. A global legal protection barrier is formed through such an alliance system.

The alliance voting system also qualifies which ICOs will make it to the list on the trading platform. the centralised exchanges are often victim to pump-and-dump that may lead to sudden heavy loss of the trader. This issue has been solved with the unique IDCM exchange alliance platform. The key points of the new cryptocurrency alliance are:

  • A strong shared security
  • Shared alliance liquidity
  • Low barrier of entry
  • User-friendly interface
  • 5 working day turn-key solution


The trading fees on this platform is 0.1% while the alliance members receive 75% of the trading fees.

The alliance members at IDCM will be able to retain the Ownership of their clients after they had signed up. The individual clients will automatically become a part of the IDCM shared liquidity pool once an exchange joins the list. They will be benefited from receiving high-priced offers. The alliance exchanges will continue to have control while sharing the IDCM network and maintain a strong user base. The operation costs are minimum and the platform offers a strong training support.

The initiation process includes:

  1. Providing the domain name. The alliance members do not need to provide servers.
  2. Payment
  3. The platform is readied

The whole process takes nearly 5 days, starting from enquiry to launch.

The minimum deposit for USDT, VHKD is 100 and the deposit fees is nil. The deposit fee for most of the tokens is nil while the withdrawal fees vary according to the token or currency.

The Core Team

The core team of IDCG consists of crypto enthusiasts, the elite of Wall Street, talents from reputable institutions like the Australian Securities Exchange (ASX), Deutsche Bank, Accenture Blockchain Project Team, UBS etc. The management team consists of talents from NASA, Google, Goldman Sachs, McKinsey & Co., IBM, Huawei, etc.

IDCM, in short, allows the alliance members to focus on the development and growth of their business. The investment return period is only 1 month and the platform supports both fiat C2C trading and cryptocurrency trading for main pairs (BTC, ETH, USDT, VHKD, IT). The platform is fully functional and easily operates on the HTML5 version.


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