Israeli Blockchain Startup QEDIT Launches Enterprise Data Privacy Solution

QEDIT, an Israeli blockchain
startup specialized in data privacy, has announced the official product launch
of QEDIT Asset Transfer, an enterprise solution for maintaining data
confidentiality for large-scale value transfers on blockchain networks. The
solution was launched on Tuesday at Consensus, one of the world’s largest
blockchain annual event taking place this week in New York.

QEDIT Asset Transfer allows enterprises to transfer
ownership of blockchain assets without revealing the confidential transaction
details including the buyer, the sender and the transferred amount, all the
while guaranteeing regulatory compliance according to custom-defined business

The solution ensures that when ownership of an asset is transferred,
the zero-knowledge proof protocol can attest to the validity of the transaction,
making sure that the asset does exist and is owned by the sender, that the sender
is authorized to transfer the ownership, and that there is no double spending
of the asset.

It can be implemented on any blockchain infrastructure, whether that’s Ethereum, Corda, Quorum, Hyperledger, or Stellar.

QEDIT’s financial partners use the technology to calculate
an accurate credit scoring based on private data, without accessing the private

Jonathan Rouach, CEO and co-founder of QEDIT, said the
launch of the QEDIT Asset Transfer was “the culmination of our tireless efforts
to provide a confidential and regulatory-compliant way for enterprises to transfer
ownership of digital goods.”

“After the introduction of GDPR nearly one year ago, companies
have been grappling with the realities of a more convoluted regulatory
environment, in particular for technologies such as blockchain where data is
managed by several parties. QEDIT helps enterprises employ distributed ledgers
and enterprise blockchain architectures while complying to a tightening
regulatory environment on private data management,” Rouach said.

QEDIT founders (from left to right) Aviv Zohar, Jonathan Rouach and Ruben Arnold, via QEDIT blog

The launch of QEDIT Asset Transfer comes on the heels of the
company’s closure of a US$10 million Series A funding round. The round was led by
MizMaa Ventures with participation from Ant Financial, RGAX, Meron Capital,
Collider Ventures, Jovono and Target Global.

QEDIT said that it will also be exploring
with Chinese fintech giant Ant Financial, software firm VMware​,
and RGAX, a subsidiary of Reinsurance Group of America (RGA), to explore
applications of its privacy solutions in their respective industries.

Founded in 2016 by a team of blockchain experts and entrepreneurs, QEDIT has developed the Zero-Knowledge Blockchain (ZK Blockchain). ZK Blockchain combines zero-knowledge proof cryptography and enterprise blockchain to solve the coordination between actors in the same industry, eliminating the necessity of sharing their confidential data.

“Companies have been trying to find the perfect balance of
preserving sensitive data while also engaging in healthy data-driven
collaborations with other entities that are mutually beneficial,” Rouach said.

“Companies no longer need to compromise on this front […] Today we are excited to officially launch QEDIT’s enterprise-ready solution to address the long-standing privacy issues that have hindered adoption of blockchain at enterprise level globally.”

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