Kncminer Announce Titan Speed Increase

When the first batch of Kncminer’s Titan was released it was met with mixed responses with some users having difficulties achieving the 300MH/s hash rate on particular pools, or when mining certain Alt coins. The Swedish company were quick to address issues, releasing firmware updates and publishing tests from running the Titan on a variety of pools. Today Kncminer have announced the release of their latest firmware (1.0.5) which allows the miner to hash at higher hash rates than before, with better performance on the bigger script pools. Announcing the news on their website, Kncminer revealed that on most of the pools tested they’d been able to achieve stable hash rates of approximately 330 MHs

We’re releasing a new firmware for the Titan today after several implemented enhancements and we’re happy to announce that our Titan scrypt hardware miner now hashes at even higher hashrates than at first delivery, and is getting more friendly towards the bigger scrypt pools out there. We’ve not been able to test all of the pools over longer periods of time yet, but have found stable hashrates on or around 330 MHs on most of the pools tested, including Clevermining, Coinotron, Ghash, WeMineLTC and LiteGuardian as well as on straight-forward litecoin scrypt mining. At Ghash we now see stable scrypt mining speeds around 340 MHs and some of the pools report even higher average and peak speeds with a standard 4-Cube batch 1 Titan.

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