Ledger Unveils HW1 Hardware Bitcoin Wallet

When it comes to hardware Bitcoin wallets, there are a few areas that manufacturers need to emphasize. First of all, there is the security criteria, as you cannot sell a hardware device that won’t keep your Bitcoin safe. Second of all, people want these hardware Bitcoin wallets as cheap as possible. Ledger has managed to combine the best of both world and introduces you to the Ledger HW1.

Ledger HW1: Nano-sized Bitcoin Wallet For A Cheap Price

The original Ledger Nano wallet is not overly expensive, yet there are many cheaper alternatives at your disposal. A price point of slightly under 35 euro is a fair price for the piece of technology you are buying, yet some customers still felt the price could be reduced. Many of those customers were hoping for a cheaper version in the near future.

And it looks like everybody has gotten their wish, as Ledger introduced their HW1 nano-sized hardware Bitcoin wallet yesterday evening. The only place where Ledger engineers could shave down the costs is in the form of the device’s housing. Ledger’s HW1 comes with a cheaper – and less elegant – plastic form factor. However, this will not be a deal breaker for most people hoping to obtain a cheap(er) hardware Bitcoin wallet solution.

The cost of Ledger’s HW1 device is 15 Euro, and includes free worldwide shipping to boot. That is less than half the price of the original Ledger nano, and no sacrifices have been made in terms of software, security or compatibility. That being said, there are some distinct differences between the nano and the HW1 which you should take into account.

Same Organs, Less Elegancy and Accessories

When you receive your Ledger HW1 package, it will include all the necessary tools to get up and running within minutes from unboxing.  Every package will contain one Ledger HW1 plastic form factor USB key, a security card, instructions on connecting and using your new hardware Bitcoin wallet, and a recovery sheet. And that is it, but keeping in mind you get all of this for 15 EUR (including free shipping), it is a good deal.

What is not included compared to the Ledger Nano is the white box packaging, the metal key [including ledger logo and engraved text], the leather pouch for your security card and the lanyard plus rings for the key. Depending on your personal preference, you may or may not want to have these additional accessories at your disposal for security purposes though.

One other difference worth noting is that the Ledger HW1 will not be identifiable by the Ledger brand name, as it is simply labelled as “HW1”. The term “Ledger” is not displayed anywhere on the device itself. In order to save on space – and production costs – this metal key part was removed from the design. Once again, whether or not this makes a difference is completely up to you, the customer.

Ledger’s HW1 is in stock and ready to ship as soon as you place an order. In terms of software functionality, the HW1 is an exact copy of the Nano, and will be compatible with the same devices and services in that regard.  Last but not least, every Ledger HW1 device will have LedgerOS 1.0.1 firmware pre-installed.

Future Hardware Announced

In a recent Reddit post, a ledger representative hinted at upcoming hardware being developed. The Ledger Blue is mentioned, which will include a screen and keyboard, plus offer NFC and Bluetooth LE capabilities.No official release date has been announced as of yet, other than “either during Q4 of 2015 or Q1 of 2016”. The Ledger Blue will have the same size as a regular credit card.

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