LifeTask: How to choose a profession by vocation

Work is an important part of our life. According to research, job satisfaction makes us healthier and more creative, bringing a sense of power and long-term happiness. When it comes to job hunting, there has been an interesting demand lately: candidates do not just look for a job that will allow them to pay their bills. They look for one that will let them fully unfold themselves, grow as a professional and fulfill their potential. It is a precious feeling to wake up energized and inspired every morning, and many people strive for it.

What is a vocation? It is a voice that comes from the inside, telling us what we were made for. Now, in the age of information and opportunities, it is the perfect time to listen to it.

The rules in the job industry have changed. We do not have to work in the same position or even field for all our life anymore – instead, we can follow our greatest interests and try new things. There is plenty of available information both online and offline: various courses and wonderful modern libraries with thousands of books literally on every topic. It became easier than ever to learn and retrain, get online degrees and micro-degrees, and build your own set of skills, talents and expertise.

How can we hear, define, and embody what that inner voice says?

Discover your passion

The voice of vocation is loud and clear in our childhood. Do you remember how often you felt inspired when you were a child? Unfortunately, it often happens so that as we grow up, we lose this feeling. Many things influence our life choices: parents, partners, friends, circumstances. At some point, we may find out that what we want to do is not what we are actually doing.

If you are at the crossroads trying to choose your path, career psychologists suggest using that feeling of inspiration as a guide. Try to analyze your life up to this moment. What was it that made you feel happy and complete? Lose track of time? Keep going even when you fail? Make a list – it will give you the clues.

Find your niche

One of the best things about the modern job market is its versatility. New fields – and new jobs – appear on the junction of old ones all the time. Innovative technologies and finance merged together to create a vast and promising field of FinTech – and it’s only one example of many. You can combine your interests and find (or create) something that works for you. Don’t be afraid to dream big and think out of the box.

Do the research

What do you already know and what do you need to learn to succeed in your chosen field? Grab every opportunity to learn: there are hundreds of educational programs and resources that will give you all the information you need. Ask people from the same field for advice: most will gladly give it.

Follow your vocation

Your perfect job is out there waiting for you, and you are well equipped for it. How do you find it? It is a good question – and it is also the reason why LifeTask was created.

LifeTask is a decentralized competence platform of the new generation that puts talent and human potential in the first place. It was designed by a dedicated team of professionals to help you find the job of your dreams: easy, fast and cheap. Based on latest blockchain technologies, LifeTask uses the advantages of decentralized data storage and encryption to make sure all your personal information is 100% under your control.

It is more than a job search engine: LifeTask creates a community of professionals, bringing together specialists and companies. Use of smart contracts and transparent rating system helps to form a field of trust between them.

You can access the platform via mobile app, API or web interface, and post information about your talents, competences, experience and knowledge. This new concept is far more accurate than the old recruitment system that was mostly based on previous education and degrees. Implemented AI searches the cloud of data for the perfect match – and connects the candidate and the employer once the match is made.

All the payments within LifeTask system are made with LifeTask tokens (LTS). LTS token pre-offer started 28th of May, 2018 and will end on 26th of June; the mainsale will continue for two months between June 27th and August 26th. ETH and BTC will be accepted as a payment – as well as major fiat currencies. One LTS token will be worth 0.0001 ETH; early buyers are eligible for bonuses: up to 30%.

The funds raised during ICO will be used for further development of the platform, its testing and launch.

To learn more, please visit the LifeTask website page –

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