LindaProject Sponsors Professional Formula D Racer

LindaCoin Crosses Finish Line as The First Cryptocurrency To Enter The Race Trackrn

Seattle, Washington – The LindaProject team takes another leap for cryptocurrency, this time as pioneers in sponsorship. In June, LindaProject (more commonly known for the digital asset “LindaCoin”) announced the release of their ground-breaking mobile app (available on Google Play/ Apple Store) Linda MystakingWallet. In May, they announced the creation of LindaX, a token platform that will rival the established Ethereum platform. Now, they are announcing the sponsorship of Matt VanKirk, a professional “Formula D” drift racer. Matt, a Washington resident, is well known for his racing abilities, and he drives a Lamborghini Orange Nissan 240SX matching Lindacoin’s color scheme. In his rookie season he has been able to take the lead among the rookie class. Not only is Matt phenomenal at drifting on the track, but his car is also featured in the Fanatec Drifting Simulator. During Matt’s offseason he will be touring car events, also while competing in local racing tournaments. 

This means a great deal of exposure will be brought to Lindaproject’s digital asset LindaCoin, Linda Mystakingwallet mobile app, LindaX Token Platform, and all other subsidiaries. For the first time ever, cryptocurrency will be directly integrating with a professional sport. Although the crypto environment has been somewhat stagnant, LindaProject continues to carry the torch of innovation and pioneering. “This sponsorship provides the ability to network with and engage other massive communities with common interest and goals.” Said Gaelin McBride, LindaProject’s Director of Marketing and Merchandise. “Together we bring awareness to the benefits of LindaCoin with Matt’s precision and skill on the track.”

The next event Matt will be attending and participating in will be “Title Fight” in Irwindale, CA on October 12th – 13th. Drifting off of the starting line, The LindaCoin Car will be televised and available via stream on ESPN and CBS Sports. With consistent development and consistent activity, there is no debate why LindaProject will continue to remain relevant in the vast cryptocurrency space. This announcement of sponsoring Professional Drift Racer Matt Vankirk follows a string of other exciting announcements LindaProject has made this week. The Linda team is conducting a barrage of announcements via social media outlets during the entire month of October. With the “Linda Shakes the Grave” 31 days of Halloween, followers, contributors, and Lindacoin enthusiast will be surprised with consecutive spooktacular announcements and releases that are so exciting, it’s scary.

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