LiveTree is proud to announce two new collaborations and projects that will bring the blockchain and its potential to the masses through the power of film and TV.

LiveTree is the acclaimed crowdfunding platform for the film and TV industry which captured 5% of the UK market’s share of the global $1bn industry last year. They recently launched a public sale for their new Seed token, which underpins the value of the world’s first blockchain-powered, end-to-end production and distribution platform for TV & film — called LiveTree ADEPT.

Two new projects launched through LiveTree are announced recently whose subject matter seek to educate the wider world on the power and uses of blockchain technology, tying in perfectly to the functionality of the ADEPT platform.


Currently in development, CryptoShare is the world’s first cryptocurrency game show where the viewer can earn by purchasing the winning team’s tokens. It will be initially shown online through LiveTree’s Netflix-style platform, Blossom TV, with the goal of selling a reformatted version to traditional TV networks.

A prolific panel of blockchain investors will watch a selected number of live ICO elevator pitches and discuss the relative merits and challenges of their pitches, giving the viewer a balanced and objective view of various blockchain use cases. The viewers and Seed holders help choose what the teams must do to progress alongside the panel of judges.

The winning team will be awarded up to 1,000,000 Seed Tokens and in return, the winning company will give a percentage of the tokens back to Seed owners, with the resulting revenues used to increase the value of the seed token. 5% of the winning team’s token allocation will also be dedicated to a strategic partner non-profit or charity of the winning team’s choosing.


Decentralized is a film and series collaboration with pioneering independent filmmaker Christopher Arcella and tech co-producer Erik Vesterlund. Starring Amari Cheatom (Django Unchained, Love Under New Management, The Miki Howard Story, Night Catches Us), it tells the story of a young economics professor as he learns about the blockchain through a lens of healthy skepticism. The story is written to provide an educational narrative in a fictional setting to help people completely unfamiliar with the technology to gain some initial footing. The pilot will be available to view on Blossom TV platform and will be shot later this year in New York City, with the release scheduled for Autumn.

Vesterlund is a producer of the Ivan On Tech YouTube channel which has gained 130,000 subscribers in the past year, ranking it as one of the most influential media platforms specialising in news and analysis on innovations on the blockchain.

Why LiveTree can revolutionise the TV & film industry

As the only platform that provides blockchain-based funding and distribution services specifically for film and TV content, LiveTree ADEPT is strongly positioned to capture a share of the global $1bn crowdfunding and $2.5bn traditional TV distribution markets — creating an entirely new market in the process.

LiveTree offers significant advantages in cost-saving and functionality across two key areas of film & TV production:


  1. Funding – In addition to reward-based crowdfunding, the power of blockchain means project creators can also use LiveTree to secure funding from backers in exchange for the distribution sale of part of their intellectual property copyrights, or a share of their content’s future value. These ‘contracts’ are automatically secured and logged on the blockchain, making remuneration and accounting seamless, transparent and automated. This model enables ‘normal’ people to invest in and profit from content and helps reduce censorship and the ‘cookie-cutter’ approach to developing content that today’s dominant studios use. What’s more, LiveTree’s fees for crowdfunding are 2.5%, compared to industry averages of 5-20%, and its functionality is specifically tailored to the needs of the film and TV industry.


  1. Distribution – as a result of these lower fees, sales agents and distributors will have access to new content at a considerably lower cost. It also opens up possibilities for transparent revenue return from online channels such as Blossom TV. Blockchain technology allows backers of these projects and everyone involved to see returns on their investment in a timely and transparent way.


LiveTree has established itself as a successful business for funding film and TV projects over the last two years, capturing over 5% of the UK market share in entertainment crowdfunding. Having funded over 150 film and TV projects, LiveTree recognised that few of the projects were in reality actually making it to cinema and TV screens. Distribution is often restricted by complex contractual negotiations, insider connections, private wealth, or executives seeking cookie-cutter content to advance their own personal fortune over consumer choice. Many in the industry recognise this needs to change, so LiveTree sought an alternative solution that empowered content creators and their supporting viewing audiences. ADEPT is that solution.

LiveTree was founded by CEO and founder Ashley Turing, a serial entrepreneur with more than 20 years of experience in technology innovation.


Over the last 2 years LiveTree has attracted a range of high-profile partners, including the British Film Institute’s Future Labs, Film London, Red Rock Entertainment, along with a worldwide database of over 14,000 contacts from across the entertainment industry.

Technical collaborations – parity consulting by Gavin Wood co-founder of Ethereum – collaboration exploring decentralised video storage and transcoding

UCL Blockchain Department: blockchain technology and advances

Seed Token Sale Event Details

The LiveTree Seed token (SED) sale started on January 31st with a total of 1,111,131 Seed tokens sold in the pre-sale, surpassing the soft-cap target. This implies that investors today will be assuming less risk, since the project has now been greenlit and will definitely proceed.

The Seed token has been created with a fixed quantity and underpins the ADEPT platform through an integrated token buyback (from revenues) with scarcity model. Seed projects and Blossom TV subscriptions also create demand for the token.

All unsold Seed tokens will be burnt if the hard cap of $30m is not reached. The Seed token price is 0.001 ETH = 1 Seed with discounts available for those participating with 1.5 ETH or more. There is no minimum purchase. Payment is in ETH (Ether) only.

Those who contribute 7 ETH or more will be entered into a 200,000 Seed prize lottery.




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