Innovative Token, Qonexa, Moves Out of Pre-ICO Stage to Phase 1rn

Los Angeles, California, United States of America

The world of cryptocurrency is today buzzing about a new token – Qonexa (QNX) – which has recently launched into the first phase of its ICO (Initial Coin Offering) and calls itself the “future of the digital world of currencies.”

Unlike Bitcoin, this affordable coin also has a mission to help those in poverty to prosper through its parent company, Orogata Finance Group and Charity Group, which works around the world to provide financial aid to those in dire straits.

The secure, decentralized currency offers swift peer-to-peer transactions over the blockchain. One feature that has caught the interest of many is its staking program, which offers 1% daily interest on total QNX holdings, representing a significant opportunity for future investment gains. Holders can also lend QNX tokens, or mine tokens using computer hardware, or simply trade them on the market for further profits.

“2017 was an amazing year for cryptocurrency as the total market cap of the industry rose over 1,200% to $230.9 billion (USD). With institutional and retail interest continuing to swell in this new form of currency, we expect 2018 to be an even more significant year in which early investors can make a lot of money through smart investments,” said Franklin James, Qonexa’s CEO and lead developer.

“Qonexa is an ERC20 token that shares the same global vision as that of Satoshi Nakamoto [Bitcoin’s creator] and aims to take it one step further by bringing wealth to some of the poorest people in the world. Our vision for Qonexa is that a future King of cryptocurrency that will bring a universally better future for the world – and with just 15 cents, anyone can be a part of that vision and share in the profits that our vision will realize as the world becomes a more prosperous and wealthy place for all.”

The ICO is currently in its first phase, having successfully completed a pre-ICO round where QNX tokens were available for just 5 cents. Tokens are now available at the price of 15 cents (with a 20% bonus), with 26,874 investors having already purchased a significant amount. The price of tokens will increase as the ICO moves through its three phases, going up to 50 cents (10% bonus) on February 6, and finally to 1 dollar (5% bonus) on February 18.

The team has also announced a referral income program that offers a 10% referral bonus throughout all stages of the ICO, giving investors an incentive to tell friends, family, and co-workers about this new investment opportunity.

Once the ICO has concluded, there will be no more tokens available, and investors will have to purchase them on the cryptocurrency exchanges, where a significant premium is anticipated due to the low circulation supply and ambitious global vision of the talented team behind the Qonexa project.

For more information about Qonexa and read the company’s white paper, please visit For media inquiries, please contact the team’s advertising manager, Martin Smith at (1) 209-727-4561 or email him at [email protected]. More information about Qonexa, the team’s vision, and the technology that drives it can also be found by watching the video below.


About Qonexa

Qonexa is positioned to be one of the biggest ICOs of 2018 and the future of digital currency. The innovative platform aims to provide financial aid to people living in poverty while also rewarding token holders through staking. More information about the global project, its noble mission, and the token sale can be found on Qonexa’s website.


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