NeuCoin Releases Source Code Ahead of Launch

[Photo Adapted From: Yathin S Krishnappa]

NeuCoin, the social, gaming and tipping focused cryptocurrency that ran a successful crowd funding campaign last year, has released its source code in the run up to its launch. Neucoin’s launch is set for the end of this month.

The source code release comes just days after they opened their Beta to investors who had participated in the crowdsale. The beta, which (as is typical) uses TEST coins that will be wiped out after launch, is aimed at showcasing the coin’s features and finding any bugs that pop up. NeuCoin also recently posted two articles regarding its premine, one on how the community can track how the premine is spent and one on their plans for that premine.

We have been given a look at the beta, and will be giving you our impressions in a future article. Currently, it seems fairly bare bones, but it is NeuCoin’s outreach to content creators that it really hangs its hat on. How effective that campaign will be, won’t be seen until the coin launches in full. They have lofty goals aimed at getting users and content creators on board, but there is always a give and take when trying to grow these isolated economies. Give away too many coins and they cease being valuable, don’t give away enough and holders might be hesitant to give away what they see as an investment.

The cryptocurrency community will have to wait and see how effective NeuCoin’s approach will be, but for now, their source code is released. That means the technical researches can start looking into the code and find out how unique this currency really is. It is important to keep in mind that the code is only half the story when it comes to NeuCoin, but investors now have that side.

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