New And Experienced Crypto Traders Will Be Rushing To Qurrex

Trying to please everyone is not an easy task, but the exciting new crypto exchange Qurrex is set to do just that. With over 1500 cryptocurrencies and over 180 exchanges to choose from, traders still struggle to find an exchange that can satisfy their needs; from slow trading to faulty security, there is not a single exchange that can offer the tools and safety needed to conduct efficient trading. At least not until now.

Enhanced security

Everybody needs security. Experienced and novice traders are constantly looking for the safest exchange without compromising on other aspects. Qurrex will offer its users security that is inexistent in the crypto market.  Traders will have their currency in secure cold storage wallets, multi-signature protected (multisig-wallet), protected by a Hardware Security Module (HSM). With over 98% of the funds being kept offline, funds will not only be secure but the exchange itself will be less attractive to hacking attacks. In addition, Qurrex will undergo an independent security audit by a company that will be publicly disclosed on its website.

Tools for all

Qurrex will provide an unparalleled set of tools that will appeal to the novice and experienced traders alike. For those just entering the world of cryptocurrency trading, Qurrex offers simple-to-use features:

  • Individual settings and personalized navigation to provide the user with speedy access to information and services;
  • Multiple interactive charts that show traders can the times and prices for orders and open positions they have placed – users can even modify their orders using drag and drop on the chart;
  • A graphic user interphase that will allow the Qurrex team, and members of the community familiar with programming, to customize the terminal according to the needs of the wider circle of users: from inexperienced investors to professional traders;
  • Information from different sources presented in a convenient way familiar to the trader: filtered news feed, infographics, economic calendar;

Meanwhile, for experienced and institutional traders Qurrex’s system will offer familiar tools:

  • A wide range of technical analysis indicators: indicators on the terminal can be arranged to use sequential application, whereby the output data of one indicator is the input data of another. An embedded API also allows the trader to define the algorithm for constructing an indicator directly in a web terminal window;
  • Most sought-after types of order are envisaged: GTC limit order, IOC, GTD limit order (with lifespan), Market Order, FOK Order, Conditional Orders (Stop Order, Take Profit, and Trailing Stop), Post Only, Hidden Order, Scaled Order, One Cancels Other (OCO) Order, Two-Sided Orders;
  • Algorithmic trading accessible directly from the web terminal;

Additionally, all users will get access to social trading and social communication tools including chat messenger, forum, database, and training portal. 

Stellar organization

Behind our state of the art technology, Qurrex has a team with over ten years of experience in trading and securing assets. This experience will give Qurrex users peace of mind. That experience will be coupled with increased transparency, through independent audits by one of “The Big 4” (Deloitte, PwC, E&Y, or KPMG). Finally, Qurrex will insure the exchange with the best international companies and will offer users the option to do the same with their own accounts.

With these features, casual and experienced crypto users should be flocking to Qurrex soon. This exchange will give them long-expected tools, security, and an operational philosophy that rivals that of every other exchange out there. These are all advantages that experienced traders and those who are new to the space will cherish.


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