New Blockchain Game RiotCats Presents an Exclusive Pre-Order Offer!

Starting today, September 10th, special pre-order pricing for the latest blockchain-based game RiotCats is available for a limited time and a limited number of people!

RiotCats is a post-apocalyptic world, where cats have to fight for their lives and endure hard times. Inspired by the famous crypto collectible game CryptoKitties, RiotCats` developers created a blockchain game with their own vision of a feline universe, with 3D characters, battle systems and a rebellious spirit.  After all, being a cat isn’t always purring and cuddles, is it?

The game takes place post-CATastrophe and the player’s goal is to save the feline population.

Users can do this by collecting different cats, breeding them, selling them, even upgrade them by taking part in life or death battles.

Besides cats, the game has a huge number of additional items that players can find in the marketplace or win in a fight. Additional items can be equipment that enables a player to improve the cooldown time of their animal, or items that increase the uniqueness of the creature.

RiotCats is set to launch Beta testing in October, 2018. But they invite players to join today and start building a cat army by taking advantage of the pre-order program. The pre-order starts today September 10 and runs for 3 weeks. RiotCats offers special deals with discounts of 70% off the standard price for the first week, 40% off for the second week and 20% off for the third week of the pre-sale. Pre-order pricing is available to the first 1000 purchasers of Riot Packs which include rare one-of-a-kind cats and legendary items. Legendary is not just a word here, limited edition legendary items are available during the pre-launch program only.

RiotCats creators have set the pre-order with the intention to build a strong and diverse community in exchange for tempting prices on unique creatures and exclusive accessories.

Get on board early and take part in this exciting gaming experience!


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