NewsDog Builds Strategic Partnership with CNN Platform to Revolutionize Content Industry

Blockchain technology has gone viral around the globe. It has penetrated various different industries. Recently, NewsDog, the NO.1 news app in India, has embraced this technology. It has built a strategic partnership with CNN (Content Neutrality Network) and are aiming to build the world’s largest content ecosystem.

CNN stands for Content Neutrality Network. It is a blockchain-based content ecosystem proposed by D-Run Foundation, a Singapore-based foundation whose principle is that all content is created equal. The foundation is dedicated to solving the current issues in the existing content system that content quality is low; high-quality content cannot circulate seamlessly, and it is costly to acquire new users.

CNN establishes a series of new mechanisms based on Ethereum smart contracts to solve the problems. CBRS (Contribution Based Revenue Share) i.e. solves the issue of the unfairness of revenue sharing. CCM (Content Circulation Mechanism) based on users’ repost incentive solves the issue that high-quality content cannot circulate efficiently.

As the NO.1 news app in India, NewsDog has acquired more than 40 million users within only 2 years, and it’s still growing really fast. This content giant now is seeking a larger market share within the Indian content market. It is not accidental that NewsDog has embraced blockchain technology.

The partnership aims to build a unified content ecosystem. Through this partnership, NewsDog will adopt CNN’s mechanisms based on blockchain technology to improve its user acquisition and incentive program. CNN will enlarge its ecosystem with NewsDog’s large user base and head towards its goal of the world’s largest content ecosystem.

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