NOKU ICO Pre-Sale Concludes with Overwhelming Support for the New, Real World Based Crypto-currency

Zug, Switzerland – The pre-sale of NOKU’s initial coin offering has just concluded, and as was expected, reports are now in that the entire token amount has been sold up to its complete value of 15,000,000 NOKU tokens. The Noku tokens have been introduced to connect the crypto world to the real world, and not only enable payments in any currency of choice but also to store value in fiat currencies or gold without exiting the crypto-currency market.

Noku ICO presale began on December 20, 2017, and tokens have been sold out way before the set date of conclusion on January 19, 2018. The sale took place in three stages, with the Platinum stage giving 40% bonus to be unlocked over twelve months, the Gold stage offering 20% bonus and the NOKU token unlocked, and the Silver stage with the token unlocked. The equivalent rates of NOKU are as follows: 1 ETH = 380 NOKU, 1 BTC = 8.500 NOKU, 1 DASH = 500 NOKU.

While there are thousands of tokens in the crypto-market today, NOKU stands apart from the rest as it is directly related to the conventional fiat money and gold. NOKU tokens are backed by a 100% reserve of fiat money and gold that is audited in Switzerland. Apart from their use as a typical crypto token, NOKU is also a pegged digital currency which can be added to a trading system to balance fiat and cryptocurrencies in real time.

“We are pleased to announce that the NOKU token presale has concluded after been subscribed to it total value. NOKU was created to make the crypto-world connected with the real world in which we all live. Going forward, the NOKU platform will allow anyone to create a token without having to write code, all from the comfort of their Noku account,” said a spokesperson from Noku.

Just like the toke, the Noku platform aims to truly revolutionize blockchain technology. It will let everyone store value in Cryptocurrencies in a user friendly environment, simple but powerful user interface, and featuring multiple accounts with different tokens in the Ethereum network, with addition of support for other networks in the future.


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